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  1. skyquacker

    Is it safe for me to air down my tires with my current set up?

    Hey there guys so I'm going to be out on the trails this weekend and I'm very curious about airing my tires down. I've never done it and I hate the bumpy ride I get with the stiff hummer suspension. I'm running 22x14 fuel octane deep lips wrapped in 35x13r22 nitto g2s so there is a tad bit of...
  2. skyquacker

    Current build 2007 h3 hummer aka #hate3

    My second personal build, a 2007 h3 hummer. not your average overland vehicle because it wasn't built for over landing, was built for shows and looking pretty; but the sad (and kinda funny) truth I found about myself is that I can't keep myself from taking it off road and pushing it to its...