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  1. TYSC

    Kids and Overlanding

    Subscribed... My daughter (9) loves camping, but hasn't been on any long (over 5 hour) drives yet. I usually try to bring our bicycles if possible. I love the microscope idea mentioned earlier. I had a "pocket" microscope as a kid and loved it. I am now looking to pick one up for our next trip.
  2. TYSC

    "Project FUV" 2010 Tundra CrewMax Build

    Looks like a great option. I guess I'll have to sit in my truck and mock it up. My Xgrip is currently mounted to the shelf in front of my workbench for entertainment purposes. Sent from my iPad using OB Talk
  3. TYSC


    I'm using an iPad mini 4 Wifi through a Garmin GLO GPS receiver with the Motion X app. In my Tacoma I had it mounted on a Panavise bracket with a RAM mount ball and X grip. It worked well, but I am having a difficult time finding where to mount it using that same X grip in my Tundra.
  4. TYSC

    "Project FUV" 2010 Tundra CrewMax Build

    Nice Tundra. I've done a few of the same mods to mine as well. (Bilsteins, KO2's, wheel spacers). I am curious... Where did you mount your Ram mount for your tablet? I have a mount that i removed from my Tacoma before i traded it in and would like to see how some people have mounted them.
  5. TYSC


    Hi everyone. Tyson here. I'm new to this forum and an observer on a few others. I've been following OB for a while on various platforms and found this one and thought I'd check it out. I'm in eastern Ontario Canada and use my vehicles for various activities such as hunting and Camping. I'd...