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  1. Overland-Equipt


    Reviving this. Nice to see some folks in HI, on Oahu specifically. I will be headed to Oahu in Nov. I don't think I'll be bringing my 100 series though, so not sure what I'll end up driving while on he island but would def. be down to start a meet-up just to shoot the shit and get to know some...
  2. Overland-Equipt

    FOR SALE AZ: Edgestar Fridge

    Sold. I am selling my Edgestar Fridge, model FP430. I've had this fridge for about a year now and it has served me well. Works great, no issues, comes with 12v plug. Price: $300 Pickup: Surprise, Arizona
  3. Overland-Equipt

    FOR SALE AZ: Goal Zero Yeti 1250

    Selling a rarely used, 1 year old Goal Zero Yeti 1250 with a Renogy 100w Panel. Yeti was used a handful of times and was kept topped off while at home and not in use. Comes with an array of cables to include house charger and cables for connecting the solar panel to the Yeti 1250. Price: $1200...
  4. Overland-Equipt

    Who's all going to Overland Expo West 2018?

    Over in Surprise. Def. down for a West side meet up!
  5. Overland-Equipt

    Arizona Overlanders

    Out behind the Posse Arena if anyone sees a green JKU stop and say Hi.
  6. Overland-Equipt

    Arizona Overlanders

    Don't know when you do plan to head N. But I am hoping to be leaving the Surprise area around 4-4:30 on Thursday...maybe earlier if I can swing it.
  7. Overland-Equipt

    Who's all going to Overland Expo West 2018?

    Yea, I'm kind of in the same boat. I'd go ahead on up Thursday evening if they'd let me in. O well, is what it is.
  8. Overland-Equipt

    FOR SALE Whynter 65qt fridge / freezer- SOLD

    Anybody from this area headed up for Expo? Man, you should have posted this last week and got someone to take it to Expo for you, easily would get it sold. Great machine for a great price.
  9. Overland-Equipt

    Who's all going to Overland Expo West 2018?

    Bah! Was really hoping to head up Thursday after work to get a decent camping spot at Expo. My daughter has a kindergarten program that night that MOM is insisting she goes too! Boo! Guess we will be up EARLY Friday morning from PHX.
  10. Overland-Equipt

    Who's all going to Overland Expo West 2018?

    If you are looking for a spot: Keep in mind this is a HUGE event and then you also have the Valley getting HOT so people from South head up North for the weekend as well, so expect ALOT of people even out in the boonie areas.
  11. Overland-Equipt

    Who's all going to Overland Expo West 2018?

    Glad to see I am not the only one taking a young'n. I'll have my 4 and 6 year old.
  12. Overland-Equipt

    Who's all going to Overland Expo West 2018?

    I will be there with my two kiddos. Ended up buying the full ride, figured I could catch a few classes since there is childcare. I'll be either coming up Thursday evening or Friday morning, understand camping fills in quick so hoping to get out of work a little early on Thursday to head on up...
  13. Overland-Equipt

    Arizona Overlanders

    Probably going to head up from Surprise on Friday afternoon, thinking about camping off Forest Road 237 and doing Expo West on Saturday and heading back down on Sunday if anyone else is looking at the same itinerary, let me know. Wouldn't mind finding some other folks to disperse camp with. It...
  14. Overland-Equipt

    Arizona Overlanders

    Welcome. Also in Surprise.
  15. Overland-Equipt

    FOR SALE JKU JCR Offroad Aluminum Half Doors

    I do have them still.
  16. Overland-Equipt

    Which RTT to buy???

    Man! That is a good lookin trailer! I'd say Go Hogs, but man they are stinking it up on Bball right now.
  17. Overland-Equipt

    Overland Expo West 2018

    From my research, when you go through the process of purchasing your tickets you have the option to pay for a reserved spot in the Fort Tuthill County Park campground. Fort Tuthill Air Force recreation area and Fort Tuthill County Park are separate entities. I think it is an additional $20 a...
  18. Overland-Equipt

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Bought a ARB Dual Compressor today from for about $400 after coupon and cash back. Next purchase will probably be a mount and some airline stuff.
  19. Overland-Equipt

    Members Instagram ID

    Followed a whole bunch of folks this morning. Awesome seeing the different rigs and photography out there. I gotta step my game up: @rcsbadventures @overlandequipt
  20. Overland-Equipt

    Arizona Overlanders

    Good deal. If my new tent would have showed up already I would probably be up that way right now.