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  1. shawninthelawn

    1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport Build

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  2. shawninthelawn

    My Cherokee XJ is stuck in four wheel drive

    My friends and I were running my Jeep in Four lo going up a tall hill, and when we went to shift back into all time 4wd my shifter jammed. I had the Jeep in neutral and managed to force the lever into full time, but now when I try to shift back into 2wd the Jeep goes into part time four wheel...
  3. shawninthelawn

    Anyone out in the central Texas area?

    Looking for some good trails in my area to test my XJ on
  4. shawninthelawn

    Howdy y'all from the Texas hill country

    I'm Shawn, I've recently acquired a 1999 Jeep Cherokee sport and am in the process of building my first rig. Can't wait to meet y'all.