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  1. Chubby121

    N. Florida Overland Trailer with RTT & Fridge $5,500

    I have decided to only sell complete.
  2. Chubby121

    N. Florida Overland Trailer with RTT & Fridge $5,500

    yes! sorry for delayed response.
  3. Chubby121

    N. Florida Overland Trailer with RTT & Fridge $5,500

    Trailer is still available, please call if you are interested 904-545-8239
  4. Chubby121

    N. Florida Overland Trailer with RTT & Fridge $5,500

    I'm open to options. I would be happy taking full price of the fridge off, I would prefer to see with tent but I'm willing to discuss options. Sent from my SM-G965U using OB Talk mobile app
  5. Chubby121

    N. Florida Overland Trailer with RTT & Fridge $5,500

    Thanks!!! This trailer is has seen many adventures in the last couple years! I would be sad to see it go but don't have the time for adventures that this setup deserves.
  6. Chubby121

    N. Florida Overland Trailer with RTT & Fridge $5,500

    *SOLD* 2015 Custom Trailer, 3500lb. axle with 5 on 5 Jeep bolt pattern. Tent purchased new in 2016, ARB KAKADU in excellent condition. 50Qt. ARB Fridge/Freezer in excellent condition with slide, purchased new in 2017. Includes new deep cycle marine grade battery. "fridge will last 5 days...
  7. Chubby121

    North Carolina - Christmas week

    Heading up from Florida 26th through 29th.. Looking to spend a couple days trail riding and a couple days snow boarding if weather permits! I will be heading up solo, anyone care to join your more than welcome.
  8. Chubby121

    Overland Expo

    I plan on attending the expo but don't want to pay for the onsite camping! can any local experts point me in the right direction for primitive camping around the area? coming from Florida, may have several rigs tagging along
  9. Chubby121

    Kootenays 2017

    Epic trip!! Thanks for the wright-up.. good pointers at the end Sent from my SM-G930V using OB Talk mobile app
  10. Chubby121

    Overland NC-Yellowstone

    Sounds like a great trip! would love to take this route one day.
  11. Chubby121

    Chubby - Wrangler build

    The Mud Grapplers are extremely loud but I'm okay with that. I have been very happy with performance, no complaints.
  12. Chubby121

    Chubby - Wrangler build

    Here's my 2015 Jeep Wrangler build, First vehicle I have ever bought new and had it torn apart before I even put the first tank of gas in the jeep! Rock Krawler 3.5" Long Arm lift. ARB Lockers front and back ARB onboard air 4.88 Gears welded truss and gussets on stock axles for...
  13. Chubby121

    Planning a 2 to 3 month overland trip

    I have a 2015 3.6L with 6speed and 4.88 Gears. I have no problem holding 75 on the highway here in Florida with the trailer behind me. up in the mountains I slow down to 65ish and offroad in 4low it pulls like a champ anywhere I ask it to go!! I would stay away from the 3.8L if you can help it...
  14. Chubby121

    New member from Jacksonville, FL

    Looks like it's time to introduce myself "Casey" and my Rig "Chubby" 2015 Wrangler sport slightly modified ;) I have camped most of my life and enjoyed Jeeping most of It as well. I've only been on 1 Overland trip "this past Christmas" and i'm hooked!!!!! spent 10 days traveling KY & WV...
  15. Chubby121

    Hello from Saint Augustine Fl.

    Hey look who it is!! welcome buddy :)
  16. Chubby121

    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    Just placed my emblems on the rig!!! haven't had a chance to introduce myself yet but I will be doing that soon.
  17. Chubby121

    Member Number? Upgrade Your Account! Read

    Casey AKA Chubby121 #4015 please upgrade :)