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  1. Justcozz


    I run an iPad mini with a Dual X-GPS 150 Bluetooth GPS antenna. My iPad has the internal GPS antenna but it is not sufficient for use in heavy foliage or terrain and at higher speeds. The external GPS puck gives me much higher fidelity and allows me to stay locked into satellites no matter how...
  2. Justcozz

    Overland Gear For Winter: How to Prepare for Cold!

    You can google an online store called "uncle sams retail outlet". They often have this bag system available in both new and used versions. They also have lots of brand new military equipment at amazing prices. I've personally purchased heavy weight fleece overalls for $9 from USRO that were...
  3. Justcozz

    Overland Gear For Winter: How to Prepare for Cold!

    A couple of items I keep in the rig year round are the Jetboil stove mentioned in the article and an electric heat gun. The heat gun is priceless in the wintertime if you (or ideally someone else) are trying to fix broken frozen parts. A decent tarp or ground cloth, work light, and heat gun with...
  4. Justcozz

    Beasley Knob--Blairsville, GA

    We've been knocking out the GA Traverse a bit at a time. So far we have spent two weekends on the trail exploring and have gone from the beginning on the east side to the TN/NC/GA border area. We have one more day of exploring to finish up the entire trail. We've done all of this in the last 2...
  5. Justcozz

    Hello from Clarksville, TN area!

    Welcome! Clarksville has a ton of semi-local opportunities for exploration. If you are getting your kids and family into exploring and overlanding, a local trip may be a good litmus test. The Tennessee Dirt Devil can be driven in a day and you'll be able to sleep in your own bed or you can...
  6. Justcozz

    Overland tunes

    I love audiobooks and podcasts mixed up with anything playing randomly on the radio when I'm driving alone. When I'm with the girlfriend, and we are heading out on a real trip we just talk. I think our relationship is better on the road than anywhere else. We just seem to live in the moment and...
  7. Justcozz


    Hi there! Our names are Tony and Courtney and we are currently living in the SouthEast. I've been an explorer most of my adult life and just love getting outside and finding cool places to visit or adventures to have. I never really put a name to my vehicle fun but Overlanding sounds like it...