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  1. scott17818

    inexpensive 5lb bottle mount?

    looking for an inexpensive 5lb bottle mount for propane bottle for my bed rack... I'd prefer one that locks the bottle in, or uses at least 2-3 of the larger SS hose clamp style with rubber isolator pad... I plan to leave it in place on the rack, and get a longer hose to feed my stoves...
  2. scott17818

    fridge power

    Soo... I got myself a fridge I ordered myself an Iceco VL60DZ (45w draw)with insulated cover. It is roughly the same size as my previous ice cooler Lifetime 77Qt. I have so far only tested the fridge on 120v wall outlet power (love that there is no Ac/DC brick to lug around..). and it quietly...
  3. scott17818

    spice storage

    anyone have any tips to store spices? I was thinking packets like these... but any other suggestions? my wife works at a dispensary so I'm sure she could spare a few for me. and keep them in something like this?
  4. scott17818

    Overland east expo

    So a bit of forward planning, this is in hopes that Covid is done with and I can leave the state (essential state employee-travel restrictions/2 week quarantine rules for out of state travel) without these restrictions in place come October 8th-10th in Virginia...
  5. scott17818

    no name... build thread

    someday i will come up with a name for my rig, but for now she is nameless I bought her in October 2018, a very mildly used 2016 Tacoma TRD OR 4x4 v6 Auto with 20k miles.. came with yokohama geolandar AT tires, and factory predator steps. I ordered a tonneau cover to keep the snow out of the...
  6. scott17818

    july 5th-8th North Maine Woods

    I am pre-running and mapping out a course for an Northeast Adventure Company (non-affiliated run) with another member Joey he has the map route planned out, and we wanted to pre-run it to be sure the roads were passable, ample camping sites (and alternates) for 10-15 trucks..we're headed up to...
  7. scott17818

    navigation systems

    I've been using my samsung tablet Tab A 16GB with GAIA (full membership), and Google maps (Offline), as well as Delorme/Garmin Gazeteer books. does anyone have a suggestion for a better tablet? was looking at the Samsung S6 128GB, but $549... kinda pricey, I hate apple products, so please...
  8. scott17818

    newbie here, here we go

    I started int he jeep world and in 2000 I bought a 1974 CJ-5 it was a MESS.. but had a solid frame, working 304 V-8.... of which over the next 2 years this all changed.... body was junk, it got sawzalled off... frame off and discovered some issues t-case had a cracked off lower ear on the D20...