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  1. Frdmskr

    Advancing Pages in Threads

    Awesome app that continues to be fun to engage with so thank you! One item about the iOS app. When scrolling a thread that has multiple pages I am Noticing that when I advance from page 1 to 2 (or any advancing of pages) instead of going directly to the top of the next page to resume the...
  2. Frdmskr

    Hurricane Ida

    While some in the impact zone for Ida won’t be able to reply soon, I’d be curious if people actually considered how their vehicle may have to become a “lifeboat” during an emergency. Did you design your vehicle to be an emergency home away from home or just a weekend toy? If you are impacted by...
  3. Frdmskr

    Question on Gazelle T4 tent

    We are seriously looking at picking one of these up. However, we are curious as to whether this tent will support a bunk bed cot? I know two cots are about it for this tent but we have 3 people and 2 dogs so we are trying to manage our space needs. Thanks!
  4. Frdmskr

    Resolved Bug? Bad user?

    I am a new member and everything works on the desktop. When I try and access the Member Map on the app I am told I need to join OB to use that feature. So far looks like the only area I cannot access. I have logged out and back in. Anything else I need to try? Thank you for all you do.
  5. Frdmskr

    Coleman Dual Fuel Stove 424

    All good morning. Just picked up a Coleman Dual Fuel Stove model 424 and my wife had a good question I don’t have an answer to. What weight capacity can the stove hold? I.e. can it handle a cast iron Dutch Oven with a soup or stew as and a cast iron 10” fry pan with some grilled sandwiches as...
  6. Frdmskr


    Greetings from Northern VA. New member but long time viewer of videos. Not much to offer right now but more later.