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  1. caleath

    Air hose

    Anyone have a suggestion for air hoses? I can't stand those yellow coil up hoses. I have an onboard compressor and I carry CO2.
  2. caleath

    Start of my trailer

    I will be pulling this behind a full size 1986 Dodge Ramcharger.,...not sure where I will go with the build..should be fun. I bought it from an auction for 300 bucks
  3. caleath

    What have you built for you rig.

    I love making things...especially out of metal...and I enjoy electrical work too. So what have you made for your rig. Did you weld something...carpenter something...wire something...? I would love to see peoples creativity at work.... FYI I suck at wood working so I will...
  4. caleath

    Remote control spotlight

    I want one of these for my service truck...boss wont go for it. The electric co here uses them...they work great. I am thinking of adding on the rig. Anyone use one of these?
  5. caleath

    Extra fuel storage

    I have seen a number of ideas for extra fuel...jery cans, those locking deals..military fuel cans...well some of them suck...rust etc and some are expensive. Just wondering if anyone other than me has used these fuel jugs. They are strong fairly cheap and dont take up tons of...
  6. caleath

    Electric Fans

    Anyone using an add on electric cooling fan? I am thinking of adding a pusher fan for those time when I have to sit idle for long periods of time....anyone else using one for this purpose? I am running a Dodge Ramcharger .
  7. caleath

    Jack with built in stand.

    Anyone try one of these out yet?
  8. caleath

    The Old Goat

    Here she is...I bought her back in Feb. 1986 Dodge Ramcharger..318 4 speed manual. It had been someone's hunting buggy.