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  1. Welding Goats

    Cash or Card

    Wondering about this primarily for the continental US but it might apply to other areas. With the abundance of ATMs and places that accept cards, I very rarely carry cash anymore (other than a small, emergency bill or two). Has anyone run into any problems during there travels in the US where...
  2. Welding Goats

    Low Draw, USB Tent Fan

    Anyone have a recommendation for a low draw, USB powered tent fan to keep the air circulating inside a tent? I've gone through a couple of the small, USB powered desk fans and thought I'd see if there was something else out there that anyone had found success with.
  3. Welding Goats

    Mount Alu Cab Shadow to Gobi Stealth

    I have a Gobi Stealth ordered for the 4Runner and am investigating awnings to mount to it. Living out in the arid, relatively tree-less area of West Texas, wind is always a consideration. Those familiar know that it can go from nothing to howling in the blink of an eye. That being the case, I...
  4. Welding Goats

    Overlanding with a Cat?

    The SO and I were talking last night about leash-training one of our cats... Maybe a few drinks were involved, but it led to us find the following video... Which leads to... Does anyone here overland with their cat? Is so, please share some of your experiences.
  5. Welding Goats

    Tires - Road Comfort vs Trail Performance

    Tire question for those of you who's overlanding vehicle is also your daily driver... Would you say your tires tend more towards providing you with comfort on the road/highway or are they geared more towards performance on the trail? Beginning the search for my next set and I'm interested in...
  6. Welding Goats

    Seat Covers

    Looking for seat cover options for my 1998 Toyota 4Runner. My seats are in good shape for being 20+ years old, but I am noticing the "wear marks" more and more every day. Plus, I'd like to offer a little protection, especially to the back seat, when my adventure partner (Labrador Retriever)...
  7. Welding Goats

    FireDisc Grill

    Has anyone had any experience with a FireDisc Grill? It looks to be a slightly more expensive version of a Tembo Tusk. It does have a little bit of a side wall to help keep food in and it does seem to come in at least a couple of different sizes. Other than that, I'm not sure of the...
  8. Welding Goats

    Podcast Geared to Ham Radio Newbies

    Came across this on the ARRL site. It's podcast that claims to be geared towards newcomers to ham radio. Looks like it has been around for a while and could be a good resource in answering questions about the hobby. Link to the article...
  9. Welding Goats

    Lurker from West Texas

    Have been lurking and enjoying the post here for a while. Thought it was time for an introduction. I feel like I've been "overlanding", off and on, since it was called "car camping". :-) Plenty to learn here from this illustrious group and I look forward to it.