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  1. RickR

    Any Hunters Among Us?

    Well last year, out at my farm property the deer are so plentiful that my friend and I only hunted from my blind (electric power and everything) for 7 minutes and then well both filled up our licenses. So to recap the first 7 minutes of hunting season were our last for the
  2. RickR

    SOLD SOLD - Black Series HQ15 for sale

    Nice looking, but to much for me and my truck...but nice.
  3. RickR

    Chinese trailer

    I don't know anything about them. But from what I can see they probably need to axels. But I am curious to see what others think.
  4. RickR

    Passed my test!

    Awesome news.
  5. RickR

    A slightly off topic camera question

    because they are much bigger then SD cards and not as interchangeable.
  6. RickR

    San Antonio area members?

    I hear Corpus is flooding in some areas and I figure Big Shell is not great right now. I want to get out and party with my camper in the next few weeks any suggestions. I live here in
  7. RickR

    Just picked up Hiker EOR

    Looks great! They look alot like the Grotto.
  8. RickR

    Any Fleetwood Neon owners out there?

    just a guess but I would think 31" would be to big, yes I think it would make it too tall. But I do gotta say it would look good. Why not do what I am going to do and buy the side you need in the same or similar sty to what you have on the jeep.
  9. RickR

    Big Rigs, Full Sized Only

    The first time out the Grotto in tow.
  10. RickR

    Colorado Bend state park

    Anyone have much experience there? I bought not to long back a tiny travel trailer for my wife and I and want to head up there for the weekend, but I want to get some info or a review. I would obviously be plugging it at night and hiking to see the falls during the day. below is a pic of my...
  11. RickR

    San Antonio area members?

    I want to as well, but the wifey is still not "ready" to get out and travel, but she is getting there.
  12. RickR

    Re-name The Jeep Cherokee And Grand Cherokee....

    Lets rename them Millennial Tears and Grand Millennial Tears.
  13. RickR


    I would like to see one, so that I can see for myself if they really exist.
  14. RickR

    Put an offer on a used Lance 1575 to pull with my Rubicon.

    Had a 97 Wrangler and loved it alot, but a truck is really the way to go if you wanna tow a larger trailer with more weight.
  15. RickR


  16. RickR

    New member from Switzerland

    Hello and welcome. I like the setup thus far.
  17. RickR

    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    I nearly got rear-ended by a moron who didn't yield so I had to swerve to avoid getting hit. I dodged him by darting into a parking lot but my rear bumper clipped a pole and dented the rear bumper, I need to replace it, I just hate smashed up stuff on such a pretty truck.
  18. RickR

    Solar Panels

    I have a hard briefcase 100W, but still haven't mounted it yet.
  19. RickR


    Do you have a picture (or 3) of yours?