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  1. EscoTerrestrial

    US East CT. Meet & Greet.

    The meet will kick off at the Machinery Museum on RT. 7 in Kent @ 11:00 am. After a few hellos, and everyone getting situated the group will head out at 11:30 am. The group will then head towards the top of Mohawk Mt. (1- 1.1/2 hrs drive) Information that has been supplied by members includes...
  2. EscoTerrestrial

    Member #2590hea! Just landed in PR.

    Just landed in Puerto rico and thought to myself, I wonder how many members are located here. From memory I do remember seeing quite a few. Currently landed in Aguadilla and will be heading over to Rincon for the weekend. Show of some of your rigs I'd love to see what yall driving.
  3. EscoTerrestrial

    MEMBER REP INTRO, NY, RI, CT: Juan Escobar #2590

    Hello to all, my name is Juan Escobar. I have been blessed to become the member rep for NY, RI and CT. In the coming days I would like to set some meet & greets in these areas but I will need some assistance from folks in those areas. At the moment I will try my best to attend but with work it...
  4. EscoTerrestrial

    OB #2590 in guatemala

    I'm currently in guatemala n was curious to see our #s down here where at or where ya from. I have horrible internet so I'm keeping it short would love to see the feedback tho. WASSUP CENTRAL AMERICA?! Sent from my SM-G935V using OB Talk mobile app
  5. EscoTerrestrial

    Tacoma offroad bumper question/troubleshooting

    I have a 2015 tacoma and i have been looking to purchase a offroad steel bumper/winch combo. I recently found one available in my town. The person who has it had it on a 2012 tacoma, from my research or wat i kno at the moment i think it will fit my truck but im not 100% sure. So im hittin up...
  6. EscoTerrestrial

    New member 2590

    Hello everyone just joined OB n im very excited ive been following the overland bound community for about a yr now got into offroading about 2 1/2 yrs ago. Where to start....well since i can remember ive loved the freedom of the outdoors, ive been fortunate to have been able to travel which just...