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  1. Truck_norriz

    FOR SALE DENVER OUTFITTERS HARDTOP RTT TENT Hey OB! My RTT is up for sale. Original Price 2600 + tax + shipping I posted it on Craigslist for $2100 1800 if you’re on this website! 9/10 condition. Just some blemishes from sliding it on my bed rack to mount. Perfect for...
  2. Truck_norriz

    Sacrammento Monthly Nomad Meet

    IF i dont get off work extremely late ill try to make it!
  3. Truck_norriz

    Sacrammento Monthly Nomad Meet

    Im a couple exits away! is this going on today?
  4. Truck_norriz

    FS: 4th Gen 4Runner Suspension

    are these still available? my buddy might be interested
  5. Truck_norriz

    FOR SALE CVT Mt. Shasta w/ Annex, VooDoo Bed Rack

    very tempting! GLWS
  6. Truck_norriz


    Whats up OB! My name is Michael and I am from the Sacramento Area. Work takes me all over the place ( I am in electric and gas utility work ), so I've probably seen a lot of you guys driving around Northern California. I am currently building a 2016 Toyota Tacoma DCSB Limited Edition in Blazing...
  7. Truck_norriz

    I just want to be outdoors!

    I just want to be outdoors!