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  1. NW David

    OV Capabilities and Limitations

    Fellow Overlanders, Do you know your vehicles Capabilities/Limitations? This is an intentionally vague question; Some specs are more important than others. Myself I have a lil one, and that kiddos’ safety dictates many of my actions. How far you take it is up to you. Manufactures vehicle...
  2. NW David

    4/29 Tahuya ORV park day trip

    Thanks to @Snowtrout @dinghy and one more(brain farting on the name) awesome lil meet up and short run! Appreciate the help tuning my CB too! Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  3. NW David

    For us the broken and damaged

    been doing some planning for an upcoming trip and i stumbled on this wonderfull document. A compiled list of states and their policies and links for the Disabled, Veterans and Disabled Veterans. Each state handles each Differently. May save you from having to stop and pick up a pass locally...
  4. NW David

    Recurring Western Washington/ Seattle meet an greet

    I noticed that spokane and sacramento both have a weekly meet and greet. any interest in a Seattle and/or a close by outlying area 'monthly meet and greet'? Also, I know its less that an hour away (from me. not nesicarrily you)..... and mean no offense but I still aint traveling to seattle...
  5. NW David

    NW Region Naches Trail run

    Just putting out a feeler. Wanted to see if anyone is interested in doing weekend trip along the Naches Pass Trail in the next month or so. more in depth planning would be based on interest but its seems like a fun extension of the Oregon trail.
  6. NW David

    Embarrassing Situations...

    So there i am.... Dropping my daughters friend who just spend the night after going to the Washington State Fair. When i ask my Ma' (i dunno where that slang came from) "Hey, can you watch the kid for a few hours while i pop out" of course She's ok with it, i rarely ask so when i do she...
  7. NW David

    New school Diesel conversion

    Fello Overlanders, Diesel conversions have been a thing for a long time. Weather it is a cummins into a Toyota, Jeep or whatever. I think the "MUST HAVE MORE POWER" mindset is waning and the not no new eco mindset starting to take a real grip with mainstream. With that in mind. What are your...
  8. NW David

    New member, Western Washington

    Evenin OB, The names Dave, the rig is a 2000 Jeep TJ Lovingly named little monster after my daughter. Like my username would suggest my experience I would measure at the noob level. But up here in WA there are certainly no shortage of trails to go learn on! Eventually I'll test myself on the...