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  1. Overland California

    US East Running the Trans America Trail (TAT) from WV to the OR coast

    This looks like a great trip with great leadership.
  2. Overland California

    (CA) Need ideas for weekend snow trip

    Depends on what you want to do, but just driving through several feet of snow is exhausting enough. Uncle Toms Cabin can be fun, but might not be open with covid. I’d also recommend not going without a second rig because waiting for a passerby to pull you out is terrible (and irresponsible).
  3. Overland California

    Plates and bowls, let's overthink this together

    I just use the colorful plastic plates and bowls from target. $1 each, sturdy, easy to clean, and they don’t make any noise in the back of the truck. *edit* just looked them up, 75 cents each, BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe.
  4. Overland California

    1984 Ford Bronco Project

    Who made them? If you’re planning on bumping off the radius arm, you’ll want to double up those mounting ears as they tend to bend easily. *EDIT* I see you’re running the solo kit. Definitely keep that radius arm platting in mind if you end up bumping there.
  5. Overland California

    1984 Ford Bronco Project

    You cut and turn those beams yourself? How about the radius arms?
  6. Overland California

    Desolate Motorsports Scissor Jack Kit

    I've had this sweet Desolate Scissor Jack Kit for about a year. Works great, used it once in the dunes after blowing out a tire and another time on the side of the highway heading to Vegas. I find it just a touch too bulky to keep in my vehicle at all times and went to a smaller bottle jack...
  7. Overland California

    Northern California (preferably South Bay) Jeep Mechanic Recommendations

    Rear end specialties in San Jose, near the airport, is the go-to for anything ring and pinion.
  8. Overland California

    Skottle v. Coleman Dual Burner Stove

    I use a 2 burner Coleman from the 90s and a lodge cast iron pan. Does the same thing as the skottle but more versatile and was only $15 total at a yard sale.
  9. Overland California

    Need to get out lol. Anyone have a couple dispersed camping spots NorCal you can share?

    Highway 108 over the Sonora Pass is loaded with dispersed camping, just off the highway or down trails. Fun times and great scenery.
  10. Overland California

    US West July 17-19th, 2020 Bodie Ghost Town and Copper Mountain—CA

    That’s a bummer! If anything will give out, it surely will be at 9k feet on a dirt road. Hopefully you’ll be able to make the next trip.
  11. Overland California

    US West July 17-19th, 2020 Bodie Ghost Town and Copper Mountain—CA

    Looks like a great time with all those rigs! I was the only rig on my Friday trip, so I was able to blast through the road. Took about an hour total from Chemug to Bodie. Such a fun route with an amazing landmark at the end.
  12. Overland California

    US West July 17-19th, 2020 Bodie Ghost Town and Copper Mountain—CA

    So how was it?! I ran the route the day before (solo) and was blessed with lighting storms and heavy rain. Was a blast!
  13. Overland California

    Best Trail Tire from BFG?

    I run 35x12.5R17 BFG KO2's on my 7000# Bronco. I prefer the KO2's over the KM3's due to less road noise, better highway handling and wear. Traction isn't as good as the KM3, but it hasn't been much of a problem locked front and rear. It really becomes a matter of feet before pulling winch line...
  14. Overland California

    US West Tri-Valley Online ZOOM Meet Up TODAY Due to Easter

    I'm open for a Zoom meeting. I believe the free account is limited to 40 minutes, but you can always just restart a second meeting.
  15. Overland California

    Overland Expo Flagstaff 2020 From Sacramento Area

    Sounds fun Mike. I might be going to OE West and would love to join if it all pans out.
  16. Overland California

    Hollister Hills SVRA Sunday 11/24

    Obviously I didn't make it out there, but I hope you had fun, can't wait to see photos. How was it?