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  1. Wotan

    7 Days of Fun in 7 Minutes

    Quick video of our September 2021 Expedition to W. Colorady & E. Utah. Enjoy! Fall 2021: 7 Days in 7 Minutes
  2. Wotan

    Good shop to have a lift installed?

    Howdy! I am looking for a reputable shop to have Ruby, my 2014 JK Rubicon, lifted by 2.5", using this 2.5" J-Krawl Lift Kit . Anybody have any shops they have personal experience with to recommend? I am willing to travel for a great shop... Home QTH is ~40 miles North of Omaha, NE, in...
  3. Wotan

    Good shop to have a lift installed?

    Howdy! I am looking for a reputable shop to have Ruby, my 2014 JK Rubicon, lifted by 2.5", using this 2.5" J-Krawl Lift Kit . Anybody have any shops they have personal experience with to recommend? I am willing to travel for a great shop...
  4. Wotan

    FOR SALE Near Omaha (NE): Five Wrangler Rubicon OEM tires

    After replacing my OEM rims and tires (BFGoodrich M/T 255/75R17) with steel rims and 33" tires (305/70R16,) I have the five OEM rims and tires, with less than 3000 total miles on them, available for sale. Located about 40 miles North of Omaha, NE. Pick up only, no shipping! Can meet...
  5. Wotan

    FOR SALE ARB Touring Awning (49.21"x82.5"/1250mmx2100mm)

    Changing my setup a bit, due to the new OzTent RV-3 I am using... Perfect for smaller vehicles or truck beds... Asking $125, plus shipping. PM me, if interested!
  6. Wotan

    SHOT Show (1/22-1/25 2019)

    Howdy folks - A buddy of mine works in the firearms industry and got us into SHOT show 2019 in Vegas. Looking at the exorbitant hotel prices, I was wondering if there'd be an option to camp around there. We're already driving there camping, me from Western Iowa (near Omaha, NE), he from...
  7. Wotan

    FOR SALE 1968 FJ40

    A photographer friend of mine is selling his '68 FJ. Figured there might be some interested on here... I have no more information than what he posted in his Facebook "ad." Call him directly, if you're interested.
  8. Wotan

    1968 FJ40

    A fellow photographer in E. CA is selling his '68 FJ. Figured I'll let everybody know, in case anybody's interested...
  9. Wotan

    Western Colorado Fall Trip

    Will be heading to W. CO after the Labor Day weekend. Staying at Molas Lake Campground off HWY-550,, Spot PW10. That will be our base camp; probably do some fishing, kayaking, and of course, take Ruby for some off-roading in the area. Let me know (Just reply here, or...
  10. Wotan


    Ok, so I gave my 105W ACOPower panel ( to my wife to use in her van conversion. She has a generator, so solar isn't as important for her as it is for me... I in turn replaced it with the new 120W ACOPower portable panel ( - essentially the same...
  11. Wotan

    Quick Question for 'the locals' (E. CO)

    Howdy - Alain here... A friend and I are looking for a short off grid overlanding option in the Eastern Colorado area. Since I'm more familiar with W. CO and UT, I was wondering if anybody from the area might have a suggestion for a good area? We are specifically looking for remote spots with...
  12. Wotan

    Ruby with Awning :)

    So, I did add the ARB Touring awning to Ruby. Passenger side.
  13. Wotan

    SOLD Tuff Stuff RTT

    Pretty much brand new. Used once on Ruby, but I don't like how top heavy she feels with it mounted; so it has to go. Comes with all the original parts (incl. annex room etc.,) mounting rails installed for sideways extension. All hardware essentially brand new. Ruff Stuff Ranger Overland tent...
  14. Wotan

    Death Valley?!

    Hi everyone - Need some advice... I will be attending a photography workshop in Joshua Tree NP from March 8th to the 12th 2019. Since this is a pretty good haul from Western Iowa, I was thinking about adding on to the trip by also visiting Yosemite and Death Valley, since I'm "in the area."...
  15. Wotan

    Solar panel for off-grid camping

    Since I did add an ARB fridge to my setup, but am still 'investigating' the best way to add a deep cycle battery, I decided to add another lightweight, but more powerful, solar panel to my gear. I've had a 24W triple-USB port panel ( I use with great success to top off my...
  16. Wotan

    Pulled the trigger...

    Got tired of lugging ice around, and finding my meat soggy due to ice/water penetration... Not cheap, but should help going forward. Went for the 37qt model, and I get a free 'limited edition' cover after sending in proof of purchase. Just put it in to see size; it will eventually go all the...
  17. Wotan

    Off with the old, on with the new...

    As mentioned elsewhere in these fori, I have decided to 'widen the stance' of Ruby a bit, since I will be installing the RTT soon. Ordered some steel 16" wheels with 305/70R16 mud terrain tires from 'The Tirerack' last week. They installed the TPMs, mounted and balanced, and then shipped...
  18. Wotan

    Monument Valley / Navajo Nation

    I seem to be on a roll today... Planning next years photo outings - One area I really like to revisit is Monument Valley. All the times I was there, I either stayed on the "tourist loop," or paid for a 'photo guide' to take me beyond said tourist loop on a special "photo tour," or even...
  19. Wotan

    RideBDR - Anybody heard of this?

    A long time motorcyclist friend (he's big into m/c off-roading; I am more the street-carving type - BMW R11200RTW) of mine pointed me to a site,, for information on 'off the beaten path' roads and trails. Their site explains: "Backcountry Discovery Routes is a 501(c)(4)...
  20. Wotan

    West Coast Trip (From W. IA)

    Hi everybody - slowly getting Ruby (2014 Wrangler Rubicon JK) set up to where I want it to be (RTT, awning, steel rims/larger tires, etc.) So, I am considering a road trip for 2018 - From W. IA via Badlands, Grand Teton/Yellowstone, Glacier, then West through ID and WA (Mount Rainier) to the...