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    Hi this is Carl, i’m in the process of building a 2006 Land Cruiser 100 and series. Just wondering how you liked the metal tech equipment you put on your GX 470 if there’s things you would change. I love a little more information about your build as I’m getting ready to build mine. I would love...
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    Hello from bigsky mt

    They had trail set up it they tested ability of the driver and the vehicle. That was worth it for me without the rally get some practice with my Land Cruiser. Course the rally was fine to lots of great vendors and music, good folks.
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    Hello from bigsky mt

    Hi Kent, I just got back from Panhandle Overland rally. It was very nice, they had a great course set up to try out your rigs on in a safe environment. I will be down your way in the next week and a half maybe we can meet up? Carl
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    Montana Members

    Welcome what part of Montana are you from,
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    US Northwest Inland Northwest Convoy to Northwest Overland Rally

    Hi Guys I’m go to the rally also, I’m coming from Kalispell MT. Do you know how many hrs from Spokane to the Rally?