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  1. MikeDer

    FOR SALE Snomaster Classic CL56D fridge

    Looking to sell my 3yr old Snomaster Classic CL56D which is a dual zone fridge. It's been awesome but need to downsize due to a rig change and it's too big. It's in used but still in great condition and works flawlessly. Comes with AC and DC (modified 12-volt Anderson plug instead of cigarette...
  2. MikeDer

    New trailer build

    A buddy and I have been working on this new, from scratch, trailer build and finally able to mount the iKamper tent from my rig. Good to finally see what it looks like...heading out shortly for its maiden voyage. Chose to use the tembren suspension. Still have a lot to do on the interior and...
  3. MikeDer

    SOLD (Sold) CVT Mt. Denali Extended Stargazer Summit Series - Upstate South Carolina - $2700

    CVT Product Description Purchased this tent back in December and have used it 4 times but I need to recoup some of the money for other priorities. We love the tent and in the short amount of time we've had it, it has seen cold teens, hot/humid, strong storms with heavy wind and rain with all...
  4. MikeDer

    Saw an OB member this morning...

    In Clemson, SC this morning grabbing some breakfast at Pot Belly Deli and saw a White 4Runner w/ OB badge on the side. Nice rig!