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  1. Delux2769

    RIGD UltraSwing Hitch Carrier (Multi Fit)

    @Neal A. Tew You own a RIGD rear thing, right? Or was it the other 4Runner at the Rockies West meet you set up last year? Those RIGDs are SUPER stout. Watched the 4Runner in front of us go through some big bumps at speed, and the rear never moved or rattled. After looking at its construction...
  2. Delux2769

    35" vs 37" tires for Jeep Rubicon Unlimited w/ Turtleback Trailer

    Everything Tupenny just said... I loved my jeep on 37s, but they're so much more expensive, little harder to find, and the accompanying mods really add up. I used to wheel on 35s and DD on 37s, as it was much safer on my JK drivetrain. Our GX470 is on 35s and I think I'll be stopping there, lol.
  3. Delux2769

    Snorkel time!

    Woot, looks great! Making me want to order my snorkel even more... Just have to order that lift first, lol.
  4. Delux2769

    Where did you install your OB emblem?

    #4988 right in front of the driver door on the fender... Normal spot, lol
  5. Delux2769

    SOLD AluCab Shadow Awn 270 Awning Alu Cab Never Installed 270 Awning With Brackets, Load Bars

    Good luck with the sale. We have been useing the ARB 2500 awning and Deluxe awning room for camping for about 2 years now. Absolutely love it for the price. I would love to purchase one of those from you, but it's not in the cards currently... Unless my forester sells suddenly for more than its...
  6. Delux2769

    Rig Photos

    Demo day at work at Rack Attack! Had our Boss is Away sale, se we had the tents and awnings all set up for people to test out.
  7. Delux2769

    Snorkel time!

    For Subaru foresters, we use the Pajero snorkel. Having a heat gun really helps to make it as clean as possible looking... 2 people is also nice. Hardest part is making that first hole in the hood, then actually doing the rivets on the a-pillar. Good luck and post pictures!
  8. Delux2769

    New tires and wheels makes all the difference

    What kind of lift do you have planned for it?
  9. Delux2769

    Fridge vs powered 12V Cooler

    We have a really old (20+ years old) 12v cooler that works great... Not super "efficient"... We plug it in a day or two before we leave at the house to cool it down. Put some ice packs/ frozen water bottles in it. It plugs into the AC port in the rear of the GX while traveling, so it stays...
  10. Delux2769

    New kitchen gear

    Holy hell! That thing is amazing! We pretty much only do basecamping, so I'll be wanting to add one of those to our pack. Also trying to find one of those camp pizza cookers since we're fatties.
  11. Delux2769

    44qt Fridge for $60 shipped, possible scam...

    So excited for it to arrive!
  12. Delux2769

    Kayak and a roof tent on the same rack?

    Yes, this is completely plausible. I actually just did an install similar to this a couple weeks ago... All you need is a quality rack setup with bars that are long enough. Here is the setup we did on this F250. It has a Yakima setup with 70" crossbars and tracks on the bed for adjustability...
  13. Delux2769

    Road Hazard Warranty...Worth it?

    I don't do the road warranty. I buy my tires online or off craigslist, and have a small shop mount them down the road typically... No warranty there, except for the balancing they give me, which has always been better quality than when I used to use Discount or Firestone or Big-O.
  14. Delux2769

    Cancelled 2nd Annual Buena Vista June Jam (Colorado Front Range)

    Photo-dumped a good bit of pics into the google album... I'm pretty terrible at taking pictures, but here's the ones that came out that may be good for others to use. We had a great weekend. Thanks!
  15. Delux2769

    Cancelled 2nd Annual Buena Vista June Jam (Colorado Front Range)

    On our way from Golden now! Eta 9:45 PM
  16. Delux2769


    That just means you can go up a size to 33"s!
  17. Delux2769


    We ran BFG KO2's on our vehicles this past run... Before that were the General Grabber AT2's... The KO2's cost twice as much, but are 80% better. We had the funds to get the KO2's, so we did, and were super happy with them... Now we're on used Nitto Mud Grapplers since we were on a super budget...
  18. Delux2769


    Haha, Know what ya mean... I started out with a Subaru forester xt. Built it to Overland with a modest 2" lift and 30"s... now it's 10" and 33"s and we've got a new Overland vehicle, the GX470. Can pick them up for less than a comparable 4Runner. It's no "budget" build compared to older or less...
  19. Delux2769

    What tire pressure are you running your e rated tires at for daily driving?

    We run 32/34psi in the GX on 315/70/17's... We worry more about comfort and drivability than MPG and tire wear, lol... These babies just soak up all the bumps, haha
  20. Delux2769

    Roof Racks

    The RhinoRack BackBone with either Vortex bars or Pioneer platform would be a great choice. The RLT600 towers which connect the bars or platform to the BackBone system are a locking quick-release style that works amazingly... I install quite a few of them at work, and we even have a shop in...