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  1. Xiggi

    US Midwest Tacoma 05 - 11 passenger side mirror non powered.

    I have a 05 - 11 passenger side mirror, brand new never mounted. It's non powered, textured black finish. If someone can use it and won't resell it just pay shipping and it's yours.
  2. Xiggi

    Socal suggestions wanted.

    I am driving the Tacoma out from Michigan to visit my daughter in San Diego leaving 1/13 arriving 1/17 I would like to take her out exploring one day for maybe 4 - 6 hours. The build is only beginning so no recovery gear except traction boards I do have good rubber and suspension. Looking for...
  3. Xiggi

    Suspension shops question.

    I'm looking for a couple suggestions on a good shop I could call and ask about Toyota suspensions. I'm in Michigan and understandably up here they all seem to focus on the big three automakers. Good people who are good at what they do buy just don't seem as up to speed on Toyotas and what might...