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  1. dstock

    17x9 Black Rhino wheels

    Nice wheels. Can I ask why you are getting rid of them? Also, I'm assuming by set you mean 4 wheels?
  2. dstock

    2021 Ram Rebel build”Dutch”

    Thanks, I can just see one of my prankster buddies deciding to shut the latches while I'm inside and then me being trapped!
  3. dstock

    I want to see the Rams

    Well, here is my Ram, just purchased last week. 2021 Ram 1500 Classic Warlock Edition, 6'4" bed and the 5.7 Hemi. Let the games begin! I'm not loving the look of the wheels (and they're 20's) and I need some AT tires as I live in the mountains so that will be the first mod of many.....
  4. dstock

    I want to see the Rams

    Nice rig! What bed rack is that?
  5. dstock

    2021 Ram Rebel build”Dutch”

    Looks great! Question on the Smartcap, is there anyway to lock or latch the rear hatch from the inside, say if you were sleeping in the bed?
  6. dstock


    Installed a Camplux on our trailer last winter and we live at 5500ft and have no issues. My buddy has one as well and has camped at higher elevations without issue.
  7. dstock

    RoofnestFalcon XL to Rhino Rack Pioneer platform Maximus base install help

    No problem, let me get all the bits together and I will send you a direct message. Just noticed you are in Annapolis, I spent many weekends there in my youth before I moved to California. A great town.
  8. dstock

    [4RTRDOR2018] P0303 Code - Broken wires

    Chipmunks did the same to our 2018 4Runner, first time $650, second time despite taking precautions, $3K. Called insurance the second the 4Runner lives in the garage full time!
  9. dstock

    RoofnestFalcon XL to Rhino Rack Pioneer platform Maximus base install help

    This is what I did when I ran into the same situation with my RTT and Pioneer Rack. I used 2 pairs of Rhino Rack accessory bars and a set of Frontrunner quick disconnect tent mounts. Certainly not the cheapest solution but it worked. I have a different tent now that lines up so I don't use this...
  10. dstock

    US West Alabama Hills - Open?

    Will do, thanks for the info!
  11. dstock

    US West Alabama Hills - Open?

    I know there was a good size fire near Alabama Hills a month or so ago. Has anyone camped in that area recently? Open? Smoke Issues, etc.? Any info appreciated. Thanks.
  12. dstock

    US West Inland Empire Overland Bound Meet-up April 2021

    Man I wish we could make it, and we're local now! Have to catch you guys on the next one, have fun!
  13. dstock

    Off Grid Trailers - Expedition and Pando 2.0 The Ultimate Rugged Overland Off-Road Off Grid teardrop Trailer to Escape

    We tow an old military trailer and have the AEV 2.5" suspension and air bags. The issue with running a really heavy spring for towing is when you aren't towing, your ride quality will suffer. I like the airbags as I can dial in the additional lift when needed, and we've had zero issues with them...
  14. dstock

    DIY Roof Top Tent Hoist

    Love this setup!!!
  15. dstock

    Lift struts or electric actuators

    Thanks, it's been fun to document! I was aware and they were close enough for it not to be an issue with my build. It was easy to level it off once it was at the height i wanted a little up, a little down, really wasn't a big deal.
  16. dstock

    Lift struts or electric actuators

    Thanks, I used a momentary switch wired to all 4 actuators. A lot more info can be found here in my build thread Dstock's M101A1 build... or the reality, I needed a new project! I haven't had a chance to replicate it on this forum yet, and I've already started on v2.0 of my trailer build...
  17. dstock

    Lift struts or electric actuators

    Just my 2 cents, we started with gas lift supports but quickly moved to using linear actuators. Despite trying a couple different strengths of lift supports, the whole method still felt clunky. Also, if you want use a hard cover on your trailer you will get very tired of lifting your RTT up...
  18. dstock

    Alpha 0.8.54 Patch Build Notes

    Provide report type: Bug Provide platform: Android 10 Provide Device Info: Pixel 3XL Reproduction steps: issue with photos, see "Overland Trailers" thread screen shot below. Also, recent watched threads don't show up on the app, like this support thread as an example. Still having an issue with...
  19. dstock

    How has the Covid-19 virus affected your adventures?

    We're putting off any travel plans and I'm using the time to finish the re-work of our expo trailer. Fortunately, I've already got everything I need to finish it up. I'm in the entertainment industry so it's likely I'm not going to be working for awhile. On the upside, my laboring in the...