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  1. Blackbeard-1

    Roof rack

    My wife has decided on a TerraPod RTT. So now I need to decide on a roof rack that will still allow an awning. I am looking at FrontRunner and Prinsu. Any other recommendations?
  2. Blackbeard-1

    NC/SC Rigs & Coffee Meetup

    I am free. Just let me know.
  3. Blackbeard-1

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Just got a 2” receiver, tire carrier and drop down bracket. I’ll fab it up this week, it need to figure out the license plate location and lighting. Also picked up an IR light. NVG will be here in 2 weeks.
  4. Blackbeard-1

    New to NC

    Welcome to NC. Charlotte area here.
  5. Blackbeard-1

    Need some guidance where to buy a good back bumper for a 94' 80 series

    4x4Labs. Have one on the way. Ironman 4x4 for the front.
  6. Blackbeard-1

    Camp Kitchen

    I took the long way home today so that I could visit my favorite army surplus store. They have had this medical cabinet for over a year. This reminded me of Tailgate N Go, which my wife had planned to buy for my birthday. As a beginner, I would like opinions if this would be useable. Measures...
  7. Blackbeard-1

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Delta Vehicle Systems top end tune up kit for my 80. Mickey Thompson Classic III wheels……..still debating on tires.
  8. Blackbeard-1

    Tent Security for wondering child

    There is also a door/window system that seems like it could work.
  9. Blackbeard-1

    Tent Security for wondering child

    I found a diy version using a smoke detector…Tent Alarm
  10. Blackbeard-1

    Rig Decisions

    It is the 1HZ. 3FE needed too much work, diesel rig was roached. Should be delivered Tuesday. Getting a tune up, valve cover gasket and new wheels/tires. Not buying anything else until after Expo East.
  11. Blackbeard-1

    Rig Decisions

    Finally picked one. ‘96 FJ80.
  12. Blackbeard-1

    Rig Decisions

    I have three FJ80’s that I am trying to decide between, my wife wants to throw in a GX470. Two 80’s are gas(1FE) , one is diesel (1HZ). Pros and cons to each. I have had all of them go through a 3rd party inspection. Does anyone have experience with the diesel? Is the stock tire carrier...
  13. Blackbeard-1


    Hello everyone. My name is Vince and I live near Charlotte, NC. I am new to overlanding, but spent a few years getting my 2015 Rubicon dirty. I am now in the market for a FJ80, trying to decide between a ‘91 VX-R and a ‘96 base, both rhd. My wife and I will be at Overland Expo East