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  1. DaPyrate


    Welcome Joe. Nice Sprinter
  2. DaPyrate

    simple kitchen ideas

    I have one Front Runner Wolf Pack I use as my kitchen box. In it i keep a pan, pot, two high wall plates, a MSR Rocket, cutting board, knife, tongs, spatula, large/small zip lock bags, two sporks, 750ml pot and 450ml cup titanium. I also use a Gas One single burner dual fuel stove but that...
  3. DaPyrate


    Welcome Garrett
  4. DaPyrate

    US Midwest Cincinnati Area Meetup

    Looking forward to meeting up with everyone this weekend.
  5. DaPyrate

    US Southeast Turkey Trot Weekend - DBBB

    I had a blast and it was great meeting all the Six15 crew. @Hank Outdoors thanks for getting it together.
  6. DaPyrate

    Overland patches.

    All mine are on the headliner of my truck.
  7. DaPyrate

    Radio Quals?

    It looks like a GMRS license is not required in Canada but an Amateur (Ham) Radio License is. Here is the link to Amateur Certification Fact Sheet.
  8. DaPyrate

    2019 Ford Ranger

    How’s it been? Life’s good and the tires are holding up nice. Been on about 4 or 5 trips with them and they’ve done well. We just did two trips last month on the northern section of the Kentucky adventure tour and the Daniel Boone backcountry byway. Those were pretty good. We doing another run...
  9. DaPyrate

    Ohio Roll-Call!

  10. DaPyrate

    Ohio Roll-Call!

    Welcome Sean
  11. DaPyrate

    HAM Radio Call Sign Check-In Thread

    KE8PBK Hamilton, Ohio
  12. DaPyrate

    Let's see some HAM setups in your rigs

    FTM-400 head on a ram x mount, Handset on a steelie ball, and radio under driver seat.
  13. DaPyrate

    2019 Ford Ranger

    New wheels and tires on. I went with 285/70/17 BFG KO2s on AlphaEquipt Command wheels with a +35 offset. I had to remove the intrusion/crash bars. I replaced them with the ReadyLift intrusion beams. They are thinner than stock but have strengthened ridges so by theory may be stronger. Hopefully...
  14. DaPyrate

    2019 Ford Ranger

    Finally got the Yaesu Ftm400 in the truck a few months ago. I punched through the rubber surrounding the wire loom behind the break pedal. For the handset I opted to try using a Niteize Steelie ball which I highly recommend. For the head unit just have it in the Ram X
  15. DaPyrate

    Overland Bound Map in off-line use?

    Looks like there is a way but you will need the Expedition Tier of the app.
  16. DaPyrate

    Indiana Is For Beginners

    You bring up good points here. I think one thing that is overlooked a lot when starting out is recovery. It is easy to get lost in all the cool gear that makes getting to those sweet spots more enjoyable or the IG pics but a lot of people starting out don't even have a shovel or recovery...
  17. DaPyrate

    Tablet mount show and tell.

    I use a ibolt mount for my tablet. Not a huge fan of it and will probably get a ram x. It tends to slide on bouncier trails and when I tighten it to the tablet it will press the buttons down too hard and sometimes shut it off.