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  1. AggieOE

    It doesn’t matter what you drive

    I'll second that the central concept is about vehicle-based exploring and NOT about vehicle expensing. I think the carry-over into the highly modded vehicles is simply our love for personalization and making something unique so that not only does the trip describe us but the vehicle does too...
  2. AggieOE

    3rd row seats Overlanding Rig

    5th Gen 4Runner SR5s and Limiteds have a 3rd row. It's comfortable knee wise but you have to be under 5'6" to not bump your head. However, with both 3rd row seats up, storage is quite limited. Other than that or the Lexus equivalent, you're going to find behind 3rd storage is limited. I imagine...
  3. AggieOE

    Ground up off-road trailer build

    Geez that already looks top dollar! Nice work!
  4. AggieOE

    Sold my RTT...Why??

    I 100% agree with the RTT being too high to defeat the other wins. Having ours on the roof of the 4Runner was too high. I love your little trailer though. That's my next plan but with the ability to raise and lower the height of the tent for easier set-up, tear down, and storage. Whats the link...
  5. AggieOE


    For those who are as clueless as I was 5-min ago: SYE = Slip Yoke Eliminator
  6. AggieOE


    With a bottle of water, it is literally no different than a urinal or toilet. Also, It is NOT an invention for intoxication. Climbing out of a sleeping bag, putting on clothes, and going outside ANY tent at 3AM in 14-deg weather is a terrible idea. I know because I did it multiple nights and...
  7. AggieOE


    Funnel my friend. Water Bottle, Funnel, 6-ft hose, and a hose clamp and let gravity do the work. Just use the bottle to give a quick rinse out afterward.
  8. AggieOE

    travel fatigue - how to avoid travel-weary at longterm journeys

    I agree with this but for most people's traveling, we ARE limited by time, more specifically PTO. I think the fatigue aspect of this though ties directly into your thoughts and the OPs article. Fatigue of trying to fit in as much as possible in a small window of allowed time is exhausting and...
  9. AggieOE

    travel fatigue - how to avoid travel-weary at longterm journeys

    Good read. You know I've always been curious about this, especially regarding some of the people I follow on Instagram and Youtube. I remember watching an old episode of @venture4wd on Youtube and he mentioned how, at times, traveling solo gets just plain lonely. From my normal, I've found a...
  10. AggieOE

    Oh U.S. Automakers, Where Art Thou?

    They're busy pushing higher margins and selling out to the highest bidder who happens to employ the lowest wage workers. Just like every other large business. Greed knows no borders. Just my $0.02
  11. AggieOE

    New truck

    Congratulations! Is this a new DD? Replacing the Silverado? Temporary? Come on... more details, plans, thoughts, etc.
  12. AggieOE

    Texas Fall Outdoor Expo

    It was a fun event. The turn out overall was bigger than I expected, especially for those that just came during the day. It was good meeting some of the peopole from the forum too and sharing stories by the fire. Here are the few pictures I took during the event. None of our campsite but a few...
  13. AggieOE

    Texas Fall Outdoor Expo

    Awesome! I’m coming up from Houston and am looking forward to meeting some of the other enthusiasts from the forum. It’ll be good to see some of the rigs in person and meet the people behind the posts.
  14. AggieOE

    Texas Fall Outdoor Expo

    Hey just wanting to see if anyone else is heading out to the Texas Outdoor Expo this weekend. Feeling all the FOMO from not being able to go to Overland Expo West, I’m heading out there Saturday morning through Sunday.
  15. AggieOE

    Ruby, the 1988 Palomino Colt. Turning a boring pop up into an adventure pony...

    What are you doing with the tent sides? Clearning? Remaking?
  16. AggieOE

    2022 Silverado ZR2?

    Easy, I use "bar" quite loosely as it can be considered quite subjective. It was unique, different, and unlike anything else out there (HHR relates more to the Aztek). Good points on the Suburban though! I do love me some old ones. I don't agree with the Blazer comment but can't make much of an...
  17. AggieOE

    Honda TrailSport - Offroad

    This definitely looks like just a sticker package. At least it'll have some taller springs... unless they're talking about increased height due to slightly bigger tires... then nevermind. With the reliability of Honda, I would think a lot of people would be interested in a Pilot or Passport...
  18. AggieOE

    What kind of overlanding do you do?

    With only a few weeks of PTO a year, our trips are usually combos, if possible. Like our last vacation was driving from Texas to California, camping, hiking, and off-roading in Big Bend, then spending a couple days in LA on the beach at an AirBnB, then into the Sierras, and later to Death Valley...
  19. AggieOE

    2022 Silverado ZR2?

    Save for the SSR, Z06, and the ZR2 Colorado, I can't think of another Chevrolet that's set a bar. When I was younger and into the pocket rocket craze I drove an SVT Focus for a few years and then a Cobalt SS/SC for a few years and the Ford was so MUCH better quality $ for $. Forged motor...
  20. AggieOE

    RTT vs Ground

    I think I was in a similar spot to you a year ago. At that time my wife and I finally pulled the trigger on a Tuff Stuff RTT. I always loved the idea of being off the ground as I can't stand tracking in dirt and plus it just seemed so cool! Plus, I also got tired of clearing any rocks, sticks...