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  1. Mr_miyagisan

    Resolved Posting issue

    Trying to post on my trip thread. Post is being copied from my thread on Expedition Portal and pasted to this site. Every time I try to submit the post I get the message "maximum amount of charactors is 10,000 but the post is under 2,000 characters. any help with this?
  2. Mr_miyagisan

    Flatlanders Go West

    DISCLAIMER: First time attempting a trip report, be easy on me. This was a 5 week trip so I might be slow on the updates, going to try to do it in state by state "Chapters" Flatlanders Go West Overview After a year of planning with Excel sheets, research, google maps hotlinks, research and...
  3. Mr_miyagisan

    Fall 2017 trip planning: 6500+MI! IN->SD->WY->MT->WA->OR->CA->UT->CO->IN

    Good morning everyone, I'm at the tail end of planning my September western loop (so I think). This is more of a road trip with a fair amount of well known trails to include the Morrison jeep trail, the Rubicon, the Moab, and the alpine loop in CO. Going to be about 95% RTT camping with one...
  4. Mr_miyagisan

    2001 Jeep Cherokee Build (Morty)

    Hello everyone My Name is Emerson and I am from north central Indiana. Wanted to create a thread to keep track of my project jeep for future reference So we'll start off with the XJ. Its a 2001 Cherokee sport white w/ tan interior. Bone stock with 192k miles on the clock, the jeep spent 12...