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    Colorado in October?

    We're up in South Fork, CO right now. Last night we camped at 11400` and it got down to 12°. It was a bit chilly. Day time temps up in the higher elevations have been in the mid 50s but the sun is hot. At lower elevations it's in the upper 70s low 80s right now. Just a heads up, elk season...
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    Can I use GMRS radio with ham tech license?

    You need a GMRS license to use GMRS frequencies.
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    SoCal to Austin

    Once you hit Texas you're pretty much screwed for dispersed camping. There are spots but they are few and far between. Most of the camping is either private camp grounds or parks. There is stuff all over New Mexico though. That's our most common destination when wanting to get out of Austin.
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    5th Gen 4 Runner CB Antenna

    There are rubber grommets on either side of my 5th gen (had third row seats) right behind the wheel wells. Both are about 1.5" in diameter.
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    US Southwest Chasing Campfires Presents: Camp Every Weekend in October Challenge

    We'll be in Colorado that weekend so it's a no go for me. Have a great time!
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    Midland Texas Blues

    You're only 4.5hrs from Cloudcroft, NM. I know there is plenty out in that area! There was a group from Central TX that just went out there over Labor Day.
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    Colorado in October?

    We're heading to SW CO Oct 1st-12th. We're expecting snow in the passes and at higher elevations. Everyone I've talked to said we should be ok but make sure you have alternate options.
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    New from Austin, TX

    Welcome from Georgetown!
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    US Southwest Labor Day Run to New Mexico(FULL)

    I was hoping to have my trailer registered and run the Hill Country route this weekend to test it out before we make the trip to CO but that's not happening because the Sheriff will only fill out the damn 68A form on Mondays. If you end up going let me know and I may still make the trip out in...
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    Star Gazing

    I've wanted to get an inexpensive telescope to carry around but haven't yet. We spent some time out at Caprock Canyon last year and they had a local group come out with really nice (read expensive) telescopes that they let everyone take a turn with. It was amazing what you could see out there...
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    US Southwest Labor Day Run to New Mexico(FULL)

    You can just swing by my house on the way out and drop that off. I don't want your Tacoma to be too heavy! Just trying to help out...
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    The monthly meet in Round Rock that Kent posted is quite active. I don't know about this month though because quite a few people are heading over to New Mexico. Last month we had somewhere around 10-15 people/families. @Mrprotaganist also plans on setting up a couple trips a month throughout the...
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    Show off your mic mounts!

    I use a Nite Ize Steelie magnetic ball mount for mine. I just epoxied the flat metal disc that comes with it to the back of my Icom mic which is pretty flat. I've never had it come free and it works great.
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    New Member from Texas

    Welcome from Georgetown, TX!
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    Howdy from Texas

    Welcome from Georgetown, TX!
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    Hello from Georgetown Texas

    Another welcome from Georgetown! What color is your Tacoma? I've seen quite a few in the area lately.
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    Gazelle T3 - are they still producing this size?

    I'm pretty sure I saw Michael say that they are revamping the T3 just like they did for the T4 this year. Don't quote me on that though because I can't find the post.
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    US Southwest Recurring - North Central Texas Meet & Greet

    Congrats! I still need to take mine at some point. I was planning on doing it in person right when all this stuff started but haven't looked at the material since.
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    US Southwest Recurring - North Central Texas Meet & Greet

    I guess I'll skip working on my trailer for a day and actually socialize for once in the last few months. See everyone Saturday morning!
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    SOLD Dometic CFX 65 w/slide (Austin, TX)

    Perfect. I'll shoot you a text shortly.