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  1. OverLamb24

    New member from Denmark

    Welcome Moeller. I worked at a school a year just a few minutes from you in Daugaard near the Veijle Fjord. Beautiful country, people, and culture!
  2. OverLamb24

    Gazelle T4 Tent Review

    Until you cant fit everyone in your rig in that RTT or inside your vehicle.Each tool has a time, place, use. Everyone has different needs which is why there are so many options.
  3. OverLamb24

    Gazelle T4 Tent Review

    I try to amortize the cost per popup. The more pops the cheaper it gets. Not to mention they have greatly lowered the amount of money I put into the curse jar over our old large pole tent.
  4. OverLamb24

    3rd row seats Overlanding Rig

    The problem with some of these 3rd rows is really how often are you going to need them? Also is it a true 3rd row in comfort or space? If you cannot leave them out you will find yourself in a weird modular world of taking things in and out often. It can be a real pain and prevents you creating a...
  5. OverLamb24

    Tacoma Overland Drawer 2.0 PULL KITCHEN project

    Is that an espresso machine? If so ill have to figure something out for ours
  6. OverLamb24

    2021 Toyota Sequoia TRD PRO Build

    So this may be an odd question but how does the cargo area look like loaded up? Do you put the cooler in there?
  7. OverLamb24


    Better than engine rebuild budget
  8. OverLamb24

    2021 Toyota Sequoia TRD PRO Build

    Looking good. Im excited to hear about your experience on the trip with the hitch tire carrier and roof basket.
  9. OverLamb24

    Your Camping Tables Recommendations...

    Does this warp or melt any when you are using the coleman oven? We have some black 4ft walmart ones that seem to start feeling the heat. Maybe i just had it cranking too hot for the initial burn in.
  10. OverLamb24

    The Wok

    My mouth is watering just reading about it
  11. OverLamb24

    Overland Bound One Feature Upvote

    Upvoted what i thought was the most important items while many will be nice to have down the road. Pun intended
  12. OverLamb24

    2021 Toyota Sequoia TRD PRO Build

    Nice i have been looking at that swingout and the Yakima skinny warrior for our 21 Z71 Tahoe. We already use a roofbox and i wanted a way to secure the tent and extra fuel up there.
  13. OverLamb24

    Nissan Armada

    Nice rig. Any more pics?
  14. OverLamb24

    For Sale: Gazelle T4 Plus Hub Tent Orange

    I think we can make it work. I may be going for an overnight that weekend but we can coordinate before hopefully
  15. OverLamb24

    For Sale: Gazelle T4 Plus Hub Tent Orange

    [SOLD]We are looking to sell our Gazelle T4 Plus hub tent (new version). We went another way. It is still new in box. We are located centrally in Maryland. Willing to meet up for sale. Asking to recoup our costs. 625.00 obo could ship but it wont be pretty.
  16. OverLamb24

    WTB Gazelle T4 Plus Hub Tent

    Found one. Nvm
  17. OverLamb24

    Any Exped Megamat Max Owners?

    We almost did, but decided to not dip into our next purchase budget for something we didn’t truly need yet.
  18. OverLamb24

    Any Exped Megamat Max Owners?

    Wife and I passed on a return megamat that was discounted like 80 bucks. The tag on it said it was not comfortable. I could not imagine what they were comparing it to for comfort in the wilderness.
  19. OverLamb24

    EU Mid Europe From Italy to Norway back and forth

    Sounds like an awesome trip. I lived in Denmark a year and it was a great place.