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  1. K

    Where is So Cal are you from?

    I’ve seen that there are meet ups at svg and they are close by, but I wasn’t approved for the vaccine until recently so haven’t gone out, especially as so many people are too selfish to mask properly and respect basic health recommendations. I’m immunocompromised and disabled so don’t feel...
  2. K

    Where is So Cal are you from?

    Pomona, lived in Hesperia for a while the moms is in Apple valley. Work in Irvine at UC.
  3. K

    First Mojave Road trip

    I don't know how much this will apply, so take it for what it's worth: I grew up all over and spent a lot of time outside, mostly by myself in the woods, anytime I would go somewhere with a group I would likely complain and distinctly remember being in trouble for and thought of as a complainer...
  4. K

    I have 3 options. Which should I start with?

    Just my 10 cents (due to inflation and all) Id either go with the 90 4runner (lots of availability and not expensive per se). Or the ford if youre thinking a bit more comfortable you could add a camper on the back and start with tires and suspension (make sure to figure out all the changes you...
  5. K

    Need Help - Protecting Alternator/Car Battery From mud/water

    Reviving yet again...Apologies if this horse is long dead. As a driver of a 1999 GMC k2500 7.4 I also had to replace the Alt, went with I high output and outboard (remote) regulator. I spray Deoxit into the alternator and "flood" the inside with it to help clean it up and protect it, spray all...
  6. K

    Where is So Cal are you from?

    P-Town: Pomona California
  7. K


    Hello! I have lived in Pomona, Ca for the last 20 years. Current vehicle: 1999 GMC K2500 Suburban 7.4L Have camped and traveled my whole life, used to do a lot of through hiking but health problems have had me double down on vehicle based travel.