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  1. RedSheep

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Just got some Quadratec hardrock wheels in gun-metal-gray (going to 35x12.5R17 somethings) and next up is the Vector OffRoad JKE-Dock, Teraflex 1.25" Body Lift, KC Cyclone LED Rock Lights, kargo-master Congo Sport Rack & Roof Pac
  2. RedSheep

    Tires, what do you use on the trail?

    Moak, It's all good.. OP asked about "on the trail" so I was just giving an alternate view point. as you said that rig was built to be a play toy and cost wasn't ever really a factor in anything I did with it ... hell it's first set of tiers, put on with only 4K on the odo, where a set of...
  3. RedSheep

    Tires, what do you use on the trail?

    price per mile or how long will they last or road-manners are all kind of irrelevant running these (revers mounted 35x10.5 boggers on the rear and custom cut tsl's q78's on the front).. but dam near unstoppable on the trail
  4. RedSheep

    Wrenching on their own rigs?

    Seeing all the I had to learn and be able do most all of myself because I couldn't afford to pay anyone else when I was younger is sooooo me yet at the same time it only made Me vehemently detest "having" to do it and thus I never got any satisfaction or enjoyment from it .. no garage, no...
  5. RedSheep

    Tell me about your backpacking tent!

    yes and no .... I actuality do have one and have carried it around in my pack but only ever set it up once, in the yard when I first got it (was planning on doing a lot more hiking at the time, then somehow got seriously sidetracked and ended up getting a lot fatter instead).. so the last...
  6. RedSheep

    Tell me about your backpacking tent!
  7. RedSheep

    What is the last thing you bought and plan to buy?

    Rightline Gear side storage bag and roll bar bags Front Runner drop down table for the tailgate of the JK and their cutlery set. Next up Zeon 10s and arb twin compressor Making My own aux-electric/power boxes for each side in the back of the jeep
  8. RedSheep

    New York Overlanding Facebook group

    Just send My join request
  9. RedSheep

    Mount Washington (New Hampshire) Summer 2018

    Keep me posted, very possibly interested
  10. RedSheep

    OB FULL EAST REGION meet and greet

    Keep Me posted, sound interesting and would be great to get out and meat some new folks .. I'm about an 1.5hr north-west of the there (depending on where/which side or the rez where talking)
  11. RedSheep

    What keeps you from overlanding more?

    Time/Money but not in the usual sense, yes building a rig take time and resource but slowly that all comes together if you make it a priority and I can easily do "weekends" or a few week trips (and have for years - it the normal career/vacation cycle)... My issue is I have gotten to the point I...
  12. RedSheep

    DIY Limb Risers

    keep mine cheep and simple .. biggest down side is I should have used marine grade hardware as I needed to loosen the turn buckle to open the hood which is why I eventual stopped running them (well that and I got to the point where I cared less about body damage)
  13. RedSheep

    Duel swing out tire/jerry cans

    Not a duel and not available anymore but this is what I running .. oh and just for reference that a 36x11.5 Q78 on the back
  14. RedSheep

    DIY Roof Drop-in Xterra

    Here is how I made my own recessed Xterra roof rack .. about $50 in parts from Lowes .., and I have a pair of take-down shotgun cases that I keep my Colman stove and camp-kitchen stuff in ..both of which fit side by side and still stay under the factor rack line so as to not get hung up on trees...
  15. RedSheep

    Jeep Owners Represent!

    Does this count ... My 46 CJ2A .. needs a LOT of work .. It was on the property next door to where I grew up, and I use to play around with in it as young 10 year old kid fast forward 35 years, to when I bought the property, a few years ago, and it's now mine Yes the old jeep well get a full...
  16. RedSheep

    What was your first vehicle you took exploring.

    Bit of a dead thread revival but I found looking threw the post here neat, My first (back around 1988 or so) was a 77 Chevy vaga wagon, with posi trac rear and I used studded snow tire when in the woods .. with the judicious use of the skinny peddle think I ran most every trail in the woods I...
  17. RedSheep


    Those first gen Xterra's are great Welcome I have a lifted lock and hammered on 2000 Xterra, a stock '04 and a new 17 JKUR
  18. RedSheep

    What do you use? Ham radio or CB radio?

    not saying there aren't very valid reasons and many great benefits to ham Perhaps it is in part an east west thing (thou My cb worked fine in both Colorado and Moab being we always kept the truck in front behind of you in sight) or more a where you travel most commonly but for the most part we...
  19. RedSheep

    What do you use? Ham radio or CB radio?

    depends on how you define "better" ? overall CB .. it is the most basic, easiest to use and most accessible to anyone/everyone and good enough for most trips and thus why it's been the required form of communication on most every trail run I've been on in the last 20+ years. Add in a cell...
  20. RedSheep


    It's hard with the continuing push for mass globalization and companies using parts sourced from all over the world but generally I'm ok with stuff made in and from other first world countries (US/UK/EU/Australia/Canada/Japan/etc) especially for safety equipment or tools or vehicle mods or other...