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  1. MrCoffee

    Antenna suggestions.. Ham/CB

    Hi Everyone, Looking for antenna suggestions for my F-150, for both my CB and 2 meter Yaesu. Here's the rub. I can't drill any holes in the roof of the rig, and I am using a slide-in truck camper. I have the space for a mag mount on the roof. But I am unsure how the camper is going to affect...
  2. MrCoffee

    East coast adventure maps? Looks interesting...

    This is from Overland Journal, and I have to say I am interested in seeing them. Going to order some up on payday me thinks :D
  3. MrCoffee

    2011 Ford(s) - Project Underdog

    Hi Everyone! So my wife and I are new to overlanding, though we have been off-roading for years in our Trooper, Jeeps and such. These rigs were all built for off-road travel but were also daily drivers. And that is going to be the same theme for my current projects rigs. The first is my daily...
  4. MrCoffee

    Hello from New Hampshire!

    Hi Everyone! New to OB, and looking forward to reading about you all, your adventures, and posting my own. :) I am overlanding in a pretty non traditional overlanding rig, a 2011 Ford Escape AWD. Most daily driver and family taxi then rock crawler, but for now, it's what I have. So I will...