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  1. MrCoffee

    2018 Expo East Caravan Thread

    Ok, well... nothing went as planned, leaving very much later than I wanted to. Headed down, in about an hour, so I will see you all down there tomorrow. Early AM. Taking 91-84-81 for the main route down. Expect to be in Arrington around 2 am... sigh.
  2. MrCoffee

    Antenna suggestions.. Ham/CB

    Roof mounting it....
  3. MrCoffee

    Antenna suggestions.. Ham/CB

    Yeah.. I agree. I am going to come up with a better solution, but for now, and the trip to Expo East, I am going to run with the magmount.
  4. MrCoffee

    2011 Ford(s) - Project Underdog

    Holy CRAP! Overland Expo is next weekend! :O Ok, today the F-150 got it's new sneakers all the way around. The Grabber HTS tires hardly look worn at all, with almost 20k on them, BUT they are a street only tire, and I was surprised to find they were 245's NOT the recommended 265's that Ford...
  5. MrCoffee

    Antenna suggestions.. Ham/CB

    So.... was looking at doing a hood mount like yours and found, yes, the 2011 F-150 had an aluminum hood. Sigh. I am (for the sake of ease) going to put a mag mount antenna on my roof for now, and figure out a better way when I get the chance.
  6. MrCoffee

    Refurbishing a cheap Disco 1

    Awesome thread! I have always wanted to buy and fix up a used Disco, but up here, you best like 'em rusty! Following your thread now.... just for fun! :)
  7. MrCoffee

    Overland Expo East Itinerary from NH

    E Yup, thats my planned route. Heading down from 91 in VT.
  8. MrCoffee

    Coffee Percolators

    I use to do the Maxwell House coffee singles when I could find them.... just aren't easy to find if they even make them anymore. and now a days, I drink coffee as a public safety service.
  9. MrCoffee

    Ram charger

    Awesome fullsized rig, loved, loved, loved mine! Was used more for Wheeling then Overland, but I do miss it. If you get it, PICS are REQUIRED!!!!
  10. MrCoffee

    Hello from Oklahoma!

    Welcome aboard from New Hampshire and Fellow Fullsize F-150 owner!
  11. MrCoffee

    overland expo east.

    We WERE staying in a nice warm hotel last year..... but she is still scarping 18lbs of mud off her boots.... She gonna wait for Expo West this time....
  12. MrCoffee

    Antenna suggestions.. Ham/CB

    Very slick! Very clean, nice install.....
  13. MrCoffee

    Coffee Percolators

    I just saw one of these new on Craigslist locally for $20. Was seriously thinking about it since I drink more coffee then your avg human inhales oxygen. At the moment I run a single serving Keurig while in the camper, and beat to crap coffee percolator (Fareberware?) when tenting. Of course at...
  14. MrCoffee

    overland expo east.

    That was the purpose of my trip last year.... needless to say, I am going solo this year
  15. MrCoffee

    2011 Crown Victoria Police interceptor Build and Suggests

    Ya got my vote for "most unique" overland rig.....
  16. MrCoffee

    Antenna suggestions.. Ham/CB

    Hi Everyone, Looking for antenna suggestions for my F-150, for both my CB and 2 meter Yaesu. Here's the rub. I can't drill any holes in the roof of the rig, and I am using a slide-in truck camper. I have the space for a mag mount on the roof. But I am unsure how the camper is going to affect...
  17. MrCoffee

    Overland and Emergency SHTF Comms? What to use?

    It has been getting a tad bit confusing with Trail Rigs, everyone now using GMRS in addition to CB/HAM. Personally i have a Yeasu FT-1500M in my rig (well kinda.... still working on mounting it) to work the ARES net locally, and a Yaesu 50r/Radio Shack HTX-200 for handheld comms. Adding an...
  18. MrCoffee

    Go Tread vs Max Traxx?

    Honestly, I hadn't run into any bad reviews of the Smittybilt, but I am glad I didn't grab a pair! (Thanks!) Ordering a pair (maybe two) of the X-bull boards. I have a very thin working budget at the moment.
  19. MrCoffee

    Just joined from Illinois

    Welcome aboard from New Hampshire!
  20. MrCoffee

    Camp Photos!

    Well my most recent camp shot is a tad bit different..... :/ We've been spending a lot more time in the Class A while the Truck camper is being rebuilt/fixed.....