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  1. Matt4Runner

    Online California Fire Permit 2018

    Thanks for the reminder, Just got mine for 2018. I usually print one out shrunk down to fit in my wallet, and keep the pdf saved on my phone.
  2. Matt4Runner

    rear storage drawer system build

    9.1" I can fit 4 underneath the rear section
  3. Matt4Runner

    rear storage drawer system build

    No drawers but this build was simple and served my needs: I can stash 4 FrontRunner bins under the rear platform. Pretty happy with it, definitely increases my storage capacity.
  4. Matt4Runner

    DIY awning

    Nice! I will probably switch to something like conduit or aluminum pipe in place of the pvc. The flex is kind of annoying.
  5. Matt4Runner

    Death Valley 12/22-29

    I'm gonna be there over New Years with some Jeep friends, I'll keep an eye out for you as well! Probably coming down from the bay on the 28th though so probably not too much overlap. Maybe next time! We go down to Death Valley a few times a year.
  6. Matt4Runner

    Ask About Gaia GPS!

    There's also the NeoTreks Land Usage overlay which I prefer.
  7. Matt4Runner


    Let me know if this doesn't sell. I'll be up in Sac this weekend.
  8. Matt4Runner

    SOLD 4th gen 4runner Baja Rack

  9. Matt4Runner

    DIY Awnings

    I made this awning and it served us well in Utah!
  10. Matt4Runner

    Trip Zion national park Labor Day weekend - 08/30/2017

    I have the reliance folding toilet and it works really well, I recommend it. Also those pop-up shower/privacy tents are nice for when you are with a group. Does anyone else have a ham radio on this trip?
  11. Matt4Runner

    Baja Rack stolen in Sunnyvale, CA

    Yeah I've been thinking about this. I no longer think he lives in the van though. It seems to be filled with crap and not livable inside. The van comes and goes but there are a bunch of bins and crap that he leaves stacked up against the wall behind where he parks. This is an apartment complex...
  12. Matt4Runner

    Baja Rack stolen in Sunnyvale, CA

    Near the Santa Clara border. There's a real underworld out here man, I had no idea!
  13. Matt4Runner

    Baja Rack stolen in Sunnyvale, CA

    Well I got it back! Saw it mounted on a ratty van right across the street from where it was stolen from! Couldn't believe my eyes. I stopped to check it out and it was definitely mine. Same rust spots showing through the hammered black paint I had applied a few months earlier. It still had part...
  14. Matt4Runner

    DIY awning

    Thanks! Yeah I got the idea from this video: The rigid setup is definitely the way to go IMO. Really nice to have a free standing awning without guylines, which you can always add if it gets windy.
  15. Matt4Runner

    Mattress/pad in the back of the 4X4 Questions

    I've got this one in the back of my 4Runner. Milliard Tri Folding Mattress Full, with Ultra Soft Removable Cover and Non-Slip Bottom It feels great when you first lie down but I do have to shift my body weight around at night when it starts to get uncomfortable. Way better than the backpacking...
  16. Matt4Runner

    DIY awning

    Had my roof rack stolen recently, and I have a trip coming up to Utah. Needed an awning that would attach to the stock roof rails so I made this. It's made with the following materials: 2 - 1/2" x 6' PVC pipe 2 - 1/2" x 18" PVC pipe 2- 1/2" PVC elbows 2- 7' adjustable tent poles 2- 8'...
  17. Matt4Runner

    Ask About Gaia GPS!

    Well I don't know about minimum, but for reference I've got 20GB of maps saved on my iPad.
  18. Matt4Runner

    Ask About Gaia GPS!

    Looks like they have a fix for it in the next update according to Ashli.
  19. Matt4Runner

    Ask About Gaia GPS!

    My favorite too, I own a bunch of the paper ones! Speaking of which there is one NatGeo map near Moab that is not showing up in Gaia but it does exist. It's the Glen Canyon Recreation Area one: Hoping they add it, I'm trying to...
  20. Matt4Runner

    Creating Overland Routes in Google Earth

    Awesome post! Is that spot near Gemini Bridges a "designated site" though? Not supposed to camp along that road except in sites designated with a brown post and tent symbol