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    Shipping an off-road trailer

    I am in the process of buying a trailer and want to ship it from Phoenix, AZ, to Castle Rock, CO. It’s not huge - 4x8 box with roof rack. Does anyone know of a reliable shipping company? I shipped my hero once and it was a bit of a nightmare weeding through that industry. An independent outfit...
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    Tow hook to shackle conversion?

    A good fabrication shop can make short work of something like that. Looks like the Titan toe hooks side into the frame and bolt on. Maybe the could cut off the hook and weld on a d-ring tab?
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    What are you doing to make your 2WD more capable?

    If an auto locker is what you want, maybe a Torsen style locker like a Detroit Truetrac. It has helical gears instead of the ratcheting action of lunchbox lockers. Would require more investment due to the install.
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    I think I’m headed that route with my XJ. My daughter collects them and I stick them up. Keeps her interested in travel. BTW is there an XJ thread? I’m a NAXJA member, too. It’s great for a deep dive in the XJ, but wondering if there is good XJ content here?
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    Looking at getting a Solo Stove - Ranger

    I like the Bonfire at home - all the mentioned reasons. I like that you can create a ton of coals pretty quickly, and after you’ve enjoyed the flames, you can take in all that radiant heat. I also like that it is well contained, this reducing risk of an unintentional fire, and reduces wood to...
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    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Finished v1.0 of my camp kitchen in the back of my XJ. Final piece was a solid sheet of 3/16” aluminum for a pull out table/cooking area. Working on a tire carrier-mounted DIY flip down table, but that will be bonus space. Swapping gas for water rotopax - gas is headed to the roof....wait I have...
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    I’m in MO. Thinking of a trip to Southern MO or northern Arkansas. If you find or have found good routes, please share.
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    Rig Photos

    Any XJs our there? 1998 Jeep Cherokee XJ. Sentimental build. Currently building a drop down table on tire swing, rear galley, option to deep inside when not with the family.
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    Hello from Kansas City

    Apart from necessities, add the mods that you discover you want. When you go out and encounter something you think could be improved, be it performance, storage, or comfort related, find the mod that meets that need.
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    Hi Jason - enjoyed your Youtube videos. I am back in MO after many years away - built an...

    Hi Jason - enjoyed your Youtube videos. I am back in MO after many years away - built an overland XJ. Looking for good places to enjoy and do some dispersed camping. Do you have go to places in the Ozarks that are family friendly?