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  1. AG Sheep

    US East Maryland - 2014 Jeep JK -25,000

    I am selling my 2014 Jeep JK that has 45,XXX miles on it. This vehicle is generally my daily driver and the mileage is due to increase. This Jeep has been offroading so there are some pinstripes, but it has also been on the Nurburgring so it’s practically a race car. Also, there is a bullseye in...
  2. AG Sheep

    Panama City, FL

    Anything to do around this area in the terms of mild trails? Will be in the area for a couple of weeks and debating whether or not to drive my Jeep down or take the fuel efficant route!
  3. AG Sheep

    In Cab Winch Controller

    Anyone wire or know someone that has wired an in cab winch controller up? Looking to utilize OTRATTW switches to make it happen.
  4. AG Sheep

    Tree Savers

    What type of tree savers are everyone using? Thought about going with ARB since their name generally denotes a product with amazing quality, but wondering if anyone else is utilizing another manufacturer with amazing results.
  5. AG Sheep

    Overland Gear--First Aid/Feild Repair

    Don't know how much traffic it would get but what about a sub topic under the "Overland Gear" for a first aid or field repair discussions? An area to discuss first aid kits, classes, what people have encountered, etc. Same with field repairs, what types of repairs, breaks, equipment failures...
  6. AG Sheep

    Recovery Bags

    What type of bags is everyone using? As of now I have a tanker style tool bag carrying my recovery gear but kind of looking for a bigger bag. As of now I have a: ARB Patch kit Warn Recovery Strap 2 Shackles Currie Tire Deflator Looking to add a Tree Strap to my kit but my bag is pretty...
  7. AG Sheep

    NVJA Show and Shine

    Anyone on here planning on attending this?
  8. AG Sheep

    Northern VA/ME Peeps

    Anyone have any plans to go out this weekend?
  9. AG Sheep

    Jeep JK Drawer Build

    I am deffenitly not a wood worker but I would like to attempt to build my own drawers. Anyone got any insight on the matter? I want to have two sets of drawers, one for my tent, chairs, and the other for recovery gear and tool bags. Then on top I would like to mount a slide with my fridge on...
  10. AG Sheep

    Hello from MD

    Hi all, I am new to MD and looking for some people to go wheeling with. I have a 2 door JK and if anyone was apart of Outbound Overland event last week, I was the silver JK that was there.