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  1. K6VCC

    Bay Area weekend meet ups?

    I browsed through this section and didn't see anything about Bay Area meet ups? Has there been any little gatherings of fellow OB members? ~A majestic unicorn farted this glorious message
  2. K6VCC

    Just got my badge! New member from San Jose, CA

    2007 Toyota Tundra 4x4 TRD Off Road A buddy told me about you guys. You all seem like good folks. Hope to roll out with the OB crew soon. Cheers [emoji482] A majestic unicorn farted this glorious message
  3. K6VCC

    OB Talk app & map

    Is there a way to access the map from the OB Talk app, rather than going through the web browser? Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  4. K6VCC

    What do you use? Ham radio or CB radio?

    Hi, I just joined and applied for membership just recently (A friend introduced me to this site). Well I am curious to what this group typically use for communication, when out in a caravan? The other group I explore with typically use Ham radios. Majority are license and a couple are not...