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  1. Uffindell

    1997 FZJ80

    With help from Jeff and parts from Gamviti I have got the seats working again. The gears were stripped and the end caps were missing.
  2. Uffindell

    1997 FZJ80

    I have installed the classic ARB front bumper. I am very happy with it.
  3. Uffindell

    1997 FZJ80

    Has anybody experienced problems with their electric front seats (FJ80)?
  4. Uffindell

    1997 FZJ80

    Thanks, I'll have to check that out. I am wondering, how often does a bullbar actually get 'used'? How often do Overlanders hit animals?
  5. Uffindell

    1997 FZJ80

    Nice. I am ambivalent about the ARB bumper, I am also considering the Slee Short Buss bumper. My concern with the ARB bumper is that it sticks out so far, and overpowers the look of the front of the Cruiser. My concern with the Slee bumper is that it doesn’t have protection for the radiator.
  6. Uffindell

    1997 FZJ80

    I purchased this vehicle in the spring of this year, and there is a lot of work to do. I have already replaced the radiator and the wiper motor. Windows and door locks need some help, transfer case won't shift out of High, horn doesn't work ..... Fender flares need help. I will post pictures as...
  7. Uffindell

    GMRS info request

    Looking for advice on picking a GMRS base unit (in-truck) and hand-helds.
  8. Uffindell

    US Southwest East Valley Meet and Greet Gilbert, AZ

    I assume that is 6:30 pm?
  9. Uffindell

    Vehicle Flood Checklist

    Great article. I would also appreciate an article on 'suggested RIG prep for extended time in water'.