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  1. Speric

    US West Monthly meet-up/trip - Sonoma, Marin, Mendo, Lake

    Let's go somewhere. This trip might go to Cow Mountain, or Snow Mountain, or try and get up to the top of Hull Mountain. View Rally Point
  2. Speric

    US West North Bay - Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Mendo, Lake

    Semi-monthly meet-up. View Rally Point
  3. Speric

    US West North Bay Meet-up - Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Lake, etc

    Monthly San Francisco North Bay Meet-up View Rally Point
  4. Speric

    US West North Bay meet-up - Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Lake and Mendo

    Semi-monthly meet-up. View Rally Point
  5. Speric

    US West North Bay meet-up/trip - Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Lake and Mendo

    Let's get out there! At the last meet-up everyone wanted to get out and go somewhere. So here we go! View Rally Point
  6. Speric

    US West North Bay meet-up - Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Lake and Mendo

    Back by popular demand. Hopefully, no new pandemics or other natural catastrophes get in the way. And let's hope we can do this more than once a year. View Rally Point
  7. Speric

    2-3 day solo trip - Eastern Sierras recs

    I'm thinking of doing a 2-3 day solo trip in the Eastern Sierras at the end of August. I'm meeting my cousin in Mammoth Lakes for a day or two before heading out, or I might meet them after. Either way, any suggestions? I'm wanting to check-out Bodie, but also open to other places.
  8. Speric

    US West North Bay meet-up

    This is our first North Bay meet-up. Come meet some of your neighbors. Bring a mask and physical distancing etiquette.View Rally Point
  9. Speric

    US West North Bay/Wine-beer country meetup

    Seems like there are a number of folks that live just north of San Francisco and seeing if there would be any interest in having a meet-up in/around Santa Rosa. I know @Charles_Alarie is interested. Anyone else interested in starting something up here? Seems like the East Bay, South Bay and...
  10. Speric

    Carrying extra fuel

    Besides Rotopax or Jerry-cans, how are others carrying extra fuel?
  11. Speric

    How big is big enough? - Tire sizes

    I know the answer is "depends", and there are a lot of factors in deciding how big to go. Looking at rigs online, seems like a lot of folks like to run 35s, 37s and even 40s, which often requires adding a lift and re-hearing, etc. But then you look at other vehicles where going up to a 31 or 33s...
  12. Speric

    New here from NorCal.

    Just signed up today for membership and the forums. I currently have a '98 Tacoma 4x4 that I've had since almost new. No mods, but I have done a few off-roading trips here and there. Nothing too crazy or remote because I am usually alone and don't want to get stuck. Always wanted to do more...