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  1. Vagrant Forever

    Rosco NY

    Headed up to Rosco NY this weekend. Any good trails to ride up that way? Camping for the evening so we got time to drive! -Vagrant and Brown Dog
  2. Vagrant Forever

    Wishing I could share the videos

    Thanks to everyone’s suggestions the Bird Myself and The Boys had a splendid weekend in our new (to us) stock JKU. We listened and did the foot work! Got the maps, (purple lizard) planned the routes (man I love a good pen and highlighter) and rode the trails. Thank you Pine Creek Valley and...
  3. Vagrant Forever

    Today’s route.

    Slept like logs. (The boys too) making breakfast then hitting the trail! Here is today’s route (the planned one at least) -THE WHOLE GANG
  4. Vagrant Forever

    First trip with the stock JK

    Having a real good time thanks to all the member suggestions and the purple lizard map! Pine creek valley - today bald eagle tomorrow. Thank you! VAGRANT and the BIRD (the boys came too)
  5. Vagrant Forever

    Purple lizard

    Anyone know if these maps can be purchased locally? BUCKS PA HUNTERDON NJ area. ✌️ thanks
  6. Vagrant Forever

    Anyone active

    How goes it looking to meet some friends and get some recommendations on places to overland and camp! Bucks county PA have Jeep will Travel. VAGRANT
  7. Vagrant Forever

    New Jersey / PA

    What’s up! New here saying hello. Am I in the right place?! Coffee anyone?