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  1. AkMinnZonaRam

    Phoenix Folks Van over-landing

    Hi everyone! My in-laws just purchased a van in phoenix with the intention of driving from AZ to AK this summer. they are looking for a company here in AZ to help them outfit their Van and turn it into something more like a camper. does anyone know a guy? or Gal? they're looking to add a simple...
  2. AkMinnZonaRam

    Dodge D/W100 Build

    Hey everyone! I recently purchased a 1988 Dodge d100 shortbed 4x4. It has a non carb 318, a 727 3 speed, Dana 44 front and a Chrysler 9.25 rear. Currently in the middle of an engine swap here in my driveway in Tucson. putting in a fresh rebuilt 318. thought i'd start posting my build to see if...