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  1. J

    Luxury Off Road Escalade

    That's what a GX470 is for though! [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
  2. J

    diy tire chains?

    Here in CO, certain highways and interstates during the winter require M/S tires but chains are also allowed especially going over a Pass. I've used chains many times on snow packed roads and snow wheeling. I haven't used the X looking chains which I actually might look into but the traditional...
  3. J

    Camp Stove

    I would suggest getting a non-built in ignition stove. Get one that requires you to have a flame source to light. Reason being: worst case scenario, if you are always prepared to light the stove, you'll never have to worry about the igniter going out. I guess it would still work the same once...