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  1. Vagabond.Explorer

    Dometic 55IM - Compressor 24/7 w/ IM on?

    Hi all, Hope this is in the right forum. Mods, feel free to move if I put it in the wrong place. I have a Dometic CFX3 55IM which I've been using for a bit and it's been working great. However I just decided to turn on the ice maker to make some ice earlier today and the compressor hasn't...
  2. Vagabond.Explorer

    RTT - Hardshell vs Softshell???

    Currently RTT shopping and am between an iKamper and 23Zero. I only know tents that go on the ground, don't magically unfold and pop up or have hard shells. So the wisdom of those that do would be appreciated. Information on my setup / situation is below. Working remotely, and the tent +...
  3. Vagabond.Explorer

    Greetings from... Anywhere?

    Hi all! Recently became a permanent remote worker with nothing other than my job really tying me to where I am. So I'm transitioning from a backpacking tent to a rooftop tent over the bed of my F-150 and going where the breeze (And cell phone service) takes me. I know I'll be heading to Gulf...