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  1. felixkb76

    Purple Rain

    We bought this 2017 Wrangler to be my wife’s “Barbie car”, but little did she know it was soon going to be the family overland vehicle! So I finally sold my truck and put these goodies on it!
  2. felixkb76

    Setting New Goals (coming back down to earth)

    When I first found out about overlanding (3mo ago), I naturally felt that I had to get involved. I immediately started researching rigs and finally decided that I wanted to buy a fifth Gen 4Runner. I did all this without being practical on my current financial situation. To get the 4Runner that...
  3. felixkb76

    4Runner TRD Pro vs Rubicon Unlimited

    Looking to buy a truck to overland in and I can't decide which is "better" of these two. Both are seem great to me with there own pros and cons. I sure could use someone's help. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk