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  1. WCO_Ryan

    Overland Pros Anza 2000 Wraptor 2500

    Finally got to spend some time with our new tent and awning! We sold our Tepui because it was just too small and we wanted more ventilation. After a lot of searching we finally settled on this set up and couldnt be happier! The tent is 79 inches wide compared to other...
  2. WCO_Ryan

    SOLD Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized W/Annex Napa CA

    Only used a handful of times. Never been put up in the rain. No stain, tears or blemishes of any kind. The only reason Im selling is because im upgrading. $1750 OBO
  3. WCO_Ryan

    Wentworth Springs OHV Camp

    Had a great time with the family and @stoney126. Incredible trails and a beautiful camp site. Thanks again @O.Dfj for the info on this place!!
  4. WCO_Ryan

    Labor Day trip to Poker Flats!

    A few of us were thinking about heading out there. @NorCalCrisp @Mademan925 @stoney126 are down to go. anyone else interested? probably head out after work Friday and come back Monday. Wouldn't mind going back to the Cleghorn campsite as well.
  5. WCO_Ryan

    Poker Flat, Cleghorn Bar Trails CA

    Just got back from a great trip with @stoney126 and @707nick Came in on Saddleback Rd out of Downieville. Pretty mild as far as difficulty goes. There were a few spots you could get in trouble in but if you've got a good line you'll be fine. We went out in three stock rigs LX470, 1st Gen...
  6. WCO_Ryan

    New guy checking in!

    Not sure if this is the right place but just wanted to introduce myself. Been looking for a group to hook up with and stumbled upon a few of the YT videos and found my way here. Been into jeeps since highschool, built a few XJ's mostly for crawling and mud and this is my first adventure into...