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  1. ArkansasDon

    Question, which is better of the two

    which is the better of the 2: Big Bend Ranch State Park or Big Bend National Park? It seem both place the camp sites are set up the same way, both seem to have awesome sites to see.
  2. ArkansasDon

    SOLD for sale Tuff Stuff Awning, never used

    new never used Tuff Stuff 4 1\2ft. x 6ft. Awning. Includes all the mounting hardware. Was going to use it on my last trailer build, decided to use Rhino Rack Batwing Compact Awning. I used the same exact awning on my 1st trailer build. Location Arkansas asking 100.00 plus shipping.
  3. ArkansasDon

    SOLD For Sale Dinoot M Series Adventure Trailer with the following.

    For Sale Dinoot M Series Adventure Trailer with the following. Solar: Renogy, 100watt portable suit case panels 15ft. 10awg cable, Renogy 30 amp Wanderer Charge Controller w\ Battery Temperature Sensor. Battery: VMax Tank 125ah AGM Battery Suspension: Smooth Ride 3 leaf springs 1450lb...
  4. ArkansasDon

    trip cut in half

    weather cut our trip less than half. This week Sally & I were going to run Arkansas & Oklahoma TAT route & camp, seems that the weather decided to hinder portions of the Arkansas & into Oklahoma trip. We were planning on 10 to 12 days, but now were looking 4 maybe 5 days tops now. Getting things...
  5. ArkansasDon

    New Trailer Project: Range Runner

    I ordered a square back trailer from a company in Florida, Runaway Camper: Range Runner model (shown in photo's). Paid cash & they were nice enough to give me a cash discount too. It will be ready for pick up in the 1st week in April. We order with a few add-on's roof rack & large 40" x 40" rear...
  6. ArkansasDon

    taking the plunge

    I was going to do a cargo trailer conversion overland build this years. Even though I ordered tires, rims & spring kit (over & under) I been penciling figures to get a real close cost of the completion of this up & coming build. My figures show I can actually buy a base line squareback...
  7. ArkansasDon

    ARB Touring Awning 3 Wall Set

    Question, does any one here know if a ARB Touring Awning 3 Wall will connect to a Tepui, Smittybilt, Tuff Stuff Awnings?
  8. ArkansasDon

    scouting for new dispersed camping spots

    Sally & I spent all afternoon into early evening hours up in the Sylamore National Forest (Ozarks) wheeling the roads, exploring & looking for new dispersed camping spots. We saw some beautiful country along with some wildlife: whitetail deer & a bobcat. We entered quite a few GPS coordinates...
  9. ArkansasDon

    New Project

    I decided not to sell my 5ft. x 5ft. x 8ft. enclosed cargo trailer. So I am going to convert it into a enclosed overland camping trailer w\ full blown rear kitchen, & sleeper, offroad suspension, tires & rims, 2 sources of power: solar & generator. Since I will be closing the doors to my...
  10. ArkansasDon

    Roof Top Tent Insulator

    just ordered this from Scott @ Compact Camping Concepts, The Roof Top Tent Insulator by Tepui for my Smitty bilt 2783 RTT. The "Kukenam/Autana" is the size that fits Smittybilt 2783 RTT (95 inch W x 56 inch L x 51 inch High)...
  11. ArkansasDon

    US Southeast For Sale Enclosed Cargo Trailer

    I'm selling my business enclosed cargo trailer (as is) with partial wrap on "all" 4 side's. Interstate Trailer 5ft. x 5ft. x 8ft. classified w\left hinged swing out rear door (see rear door spec's for measurements) spec.'s Overall Length: 11' 8" Overall Width: 7' 0" Overall Height: 6' 5"...
  12. ArkansasDon

    New Project for Adventure Trailer

    When I built our adventure trailer the power source for the 12volt gear is off grid "solar" which I have been happy with. But here's the issue with solar, you need sun light to charge the battery or batteries, so during the late sp...ring thru summer months in early fall, here in Arkansas the...
  13. ArkansasDon

    Question to Badland winch owners

    I have a few questions about the Badland 12,000lb winch to it's owners, have any of you swap from wire rope to synthetic rope? 2nd part of the question is did you leave the cable tension bar intact to the winch? or did you remove moved it since you swap to synthetic rope? I notice as I was...
  14. ArkansasDon

    aliitle more work on my trailer.

    finished my bracket modification to my trailer. I swap out the red Midwest 5gal. Jerry Can for the desert tan Scepter 5gal Can (will be used for water). I had to extend the Smittybilt bracket (that goes over the top of the can) by adding more metal & tweaking (bending) the angle more to clear...
  15. ArkansasDon

    wanting good solid basic offroad GPS navigation system

    for almost 2 years I've been looking for a offroad GPS navigation system that I can remove from the vehicle when not in use & install in minutes when in use. That I can enter new locations right around 800.00 in price. 5" to 7" deplay. I do not own a I Phone or tablet & never will own them, so...
  16. ArkansasDon

    new on board charger installed

    put a larger on board battery charger on my Overland Camping Trailer this morning. Went with Noco Genius Single Bank 10 Amp On Board Battery Charger. Ordered this from the manufacture with a hefty price plus shipping. This battery charger weighs in @ 8lbs & is waterproof, shock & vibration...
  17. ArkansasDon

    Noco Single bank 4amp On-Board Charger

    For Sale Noco Single Bank 4amp Charger. The reason why selling I up graded to a larger amps hour battery & had to go to their single bank 10 Amp battery charger that charges starter and deep-cycle batteries up to 230 amp hour battery. This charger A 1-bank, 4 Amp (4 Amps per bank) on-board...
  18. ArkansasDon

    FOR SALE Mean Mother Recovery Board Spare Tire Mount

    My mistake some ones advantage. I have for sale never used new in the box Mean Mother Recovery Board Mount that attaches to spare tire. The uniquely designed mounting plate, with its multiple hole positions and knock out sections, will suit a wide variety of wheel carrier bolt patterns...
  19. ArkansasDon

    propane tank bracket

    finished up yesterday with my propane tank bracket project for my overland trailer. I ordered 5lb propane tank & aluminum propane tank mount from AT Overland Equipment I fabricated the bracket to hold the mount & painted it to...
  20. ArkansasDon

    here's a good way for a DIY trailer

    for any of you that want to build a M416 on a good price w\o all the rust repairs & metal replacement...