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  1. Sasquatch SC

    Relocated from South Carolina to Denver

    Hi folks, I have been an OB member for a few years now but I just relocated from South Carolina to Denver for work. My rig is named the Appalachia Wander Wagon (keeping the name) & it is a 2019 Subaru Outback 3.6R Touring w/ a few upgrades like a lift, bigger/better tires, comms, engine skid...
  2. Sasquatch SC

    Mount a kayak cradle on vehicle w/ basket?

    I would like to be able to take my kayak with me on some trips. Up top, I have an extended Thule Canyon XT basket mounted to a set of 47” Thule WingBar Evo crossbars. The basket has four forward facing Hella 500 lights on the front that would prevent me from lashing it down on the basket itself...
  3. Sasquatch SC

    Help With Rooftop Lights

    Hello folks - I'm looking for a little advice with my lighting on my 2019 Subaru Outback 3.6R Touring. I have lights on my roof basket and they work great, but there is only one button to turn on or off all of the lights. I'd like to be able to have it set up with one switch to turn on the...
  4. Sasquatch SC

    Resolved OB App not Pushing Notifications

    I have the option to push notifications turned on for both the device and the app on my iPhone & iPad, but all the features say disabled & it won’t let me enable any of them?
  5. Sasquatch SC

    Resolved Rally Point Duplicated?

    Somehow - the Rally Point I created this morning was published twice?
  6. Sasquatch SC

    US Southeast Carolina Foothills September Ride

    We are trying to keep a good thing going. The last trip into Gorges is definitely a hard act to follow. --UPDATE-- Read down in the comments below.View Rally Point
  7. Sasquatch SC

    Could Overland Bound Members Have Our Own Version of the Cajun Navy?

    I recently watched a documentary thing about the Cajun Navy. They are just regular folk w/ boats that have big hearts & are willing to go out & help. I think Overland Bound could have their own version of this. We have vehicles that are built up to get us through a lot of rough terrain & carry...
  8. Sasquatch SC

    US Southeast NC/SC Gorges State Park Ride

    We will be adventuring around Gorges State Park this time. We will be starting off on Chestnut Mountain Road which ventures around Turkey Pen Gap and turns into Auger Hole Road that eventually leads to Toxaway Game Lands. From there we can either go on Bear Camp Rd or continue down Auger Hole...
  9. Sasquatch SC

    Hella Light Help

    I bought two Hella 500's and I've got them wired in and operational using this installation kit with relay I got from Tractor Supply. Right now they turn off and on using a toggle switch. The wires going from the switch are red (power), blue (load), and black (ground). What I want to do, is...
  10. Sasquatch SC

    US Southeast NC/SC Piedmont - Old NC 105 Ride

    We are going to be going from South to North on this 1. We will meet at 10 in a parking lot near Lake James (35.7594012, -81.8879321). From there we will hit Old NC 105. Here are some things on the route I took note of in the order we will encounter them. (1) Offshoot Natl Forest Rd that goes...
  11. Sasquatch SC

    Downloadable Route - WNC - Hurricane Creek to Max Patch The trailhead is literally off of I-40 westbound so the route starts at the rest area on I-40 about 2 miles before the start. GPX & KML formats are attached. GPX viewer
  12. Sasquatch SC

    Last Minute Day Ride - WNC

    I’ve got cabin fever & I’ve gotta get out there tomorrow. I’m going to go ride the Hurricane Creek Trail. Closest meeting spot for the trailhead is the rest area on I40 WB. 35.7014672, -83.0414385 Right now it’s just me, but I thought I’d throw it out there if anyone else wants to get out...
  13. Sasquatch SC

    Overland Boat Trailer??

    Okay folks - here is what I’m thinking about tinkering on now... my boat trailer. This is my boat & trailer: Her name is the “Suboataru.” I drive a Subaru, named the boat after the car. It’s an aluminum boat. 15’ centerline length, 5½’ beam width. Yamaha 15hp 4-stroke tiller steer motor. 6...
  14. Sasquatch SC

    Magnetic CB Antenna Tuning

    I have a magnetic CB antenna that I am planning on using on as an as-needed basis bc I don’t need a CB antenna on my daily driver. Also, I don’t really want to go through all the trouble of figuring out how to run the coaxial cable without drilling or anything on a new rig (I just hit 3,333...
  15. Sasquatch SC

    Light Up the Night

    She looks like a UFO coming down the mountain! Let’s see your rigs late night looks!
  16. Sasquatch SC

    Help with my Battlewagon?

    First of all, the rig... This is my 2019 Subaru Outback 3.6R Touring What I have done (so far) that is relevant to my problem: 2" Lift Kit 17x7.5 Sport Edition P3 Wheels - Anthracite 29.5" Kuhmo Road Venture AT51 Tires (P245/65R-17) 19mm STi Rear Sway Bar Adjustable Whiteline Front End Links...