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  1. hardtrailz

    Legal Weapons and Overlanding

    Curious on what .22 mag rounds you have luck with as well since I am looking at one for my next pistol.
  2. hardtrailz

    2006 Trailblazer

    I kinda let the rig go by the wayside for awhile after the 4th kid, but started the rebuild and stuck the roof basket back on today. Got a pile of parts to make it back to what it was I hope.
  3. hardtrailz

    2020 Goals? What do you wish to Accomplish in 2020?

    After a couple years of misuse and lack of upkeep I plan to rebuild the truck. Have the parts but need to make the time. New front diff, CVs, all steering from rack out, new springs on coilovers, brakes, exhaust, paint and re-install swings on bumper, fix some rust, and maybe even wash it.
  4. hardtrailz

    Legal Weapons and Overlanding

    Lot smarter cause they were not politicians...
  5. hardtrailz

    Punta Cabras Baja

    So jealous. One day i will get down there.
  6. hardtrailz

    Rig Photos

    My 06 Trailblazer
  7. hardtrailz

    Oddball overlanding rigs!

    2006 Trailblazer 2006 Trailblazer
  8. hardtrailz

    2006 Trailblazer

    Get the lowest gears...3.73 or 4.10. get one with G80 locker.
  9. hardtrailz

    2006 Trailblazer

    Thanks. It is an underrated platform. Great engines w good mpg, decent trans, solid 2.7:1 TC plus a full box frame and lots of creature comforts available.
  10. hardtrailz

    2006 Trailblazer

    A few more pics of it actually in use since it seems all the pics that survived PB are on the pavement.
  11. hardtrailz

    Hey from NC

    It happens ;)
  12. hardtrailz

    2006 Trailblazer

    Few pics since photobucket hosed everyone with their crap. New wheels I been playing with and the new falken MT which I am not real impressed with at all.
  13. hardtrailz

    Moab Trailblazer Bound

    With last nights modifications you should be good to go everywhere...
  14. hardtrailz

    Hey from NC

    Welcome. Another TB member!
  15. hardtrailz

    Trailblazer build will be amazed what a rig with a full boxed frame and 2.7:1 TC behind a solid motor and trans is really capable of. Prolly a bit more hardcore than you think. Mine has surprised a bunch of people for several years. Any questions, just ask. I prototyped a few of the lifts and...
  16. hardtrailz

    Cross bars

    There are lots more than 2 sets being used. We did a group buy on them a few years ago and it was ten or twenty of us that bought in. You can still buy em.
  17. hardtrailz

    Cross bars Good chance I prototyped that 3 inch lift you have since I did both the spacer and body lift prototyping for 3 stuff. I currently run Radflo coilovers up front and Skyjacker C25R Tahoe lift spring in the rear with Bilstein...
  18. hardtrailz

    Cross bars

    Yes I am.