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  1. Martín


    Just installed the app and logged in on my Iphone 11 Pro with no problems so far. Will try my laptop next...
  2. Martín

    US West Briceburg to Buck Meadows

    I've uploaded the video in YouTube. Send me you e-mail and I'll send you the link. For some reason the link does not work when I post it here.
  3. Martín

    US West Briceburg to Buck Meadows

    Hello Everyone, I got a short video I can share. Send me your e-mail and will send you the link to download it.
  4. Martín

    Clovis/Fresno Meetup

    Well, I also have stock tires (Goodyear's wranglers) and don't think these are great for offloading haha. But anyhow, let me know if you guys plan for a meet up!
  5. Martín

    Clovis/Fresno Meetup

    Hi Everyone, joining the party a little late. Resuming the monthly meet ups would be great! I'm not sure if my stock tacoma would make this trail but I'm definitely in for a meet up any weekend in June (except June 15 and 16th). -Martin
  6. Martín

    Spring Break '19 Mojave Road 4/14-4/19

    Please put me as a maybe! Thanks Mike!
  7. Martín

    3 day Coyote flats camping/fishing/exploring August 25th-27th - 08/25/2018

    Kevin, thanks for the invite! Unfortunately I can't make it this time. I'm putting my rig for sale and won't have my next one for a few months (unless I find what I'm looking for soon).
  8. Martín

    Central California Meet and Greet. Saturday January 13th at 12 noon - 01/13/2018

    Mike, thanks for putting this meeting together! It was great meeting everyone. Definitely enjoyed the talks about everyone’s rigs and adventures. Look forward for the next meet and overland trips this year.
  9. Martín

    Spring Break 2018 Death Valley Overland Trip Planning March 25-29 - 03/25/2018

    @ArmyofMike: Let me know if a spot opens up! Also, I would be driving a stock 2014 FJ Cruiser, would it make it? haha. Thanks!
  10. Martín

    Kokopelli Trail - 3 Day Ride - 04/27/2018

    This looks like an awesome trip!!! Is there any slots left? If so, how would I sign up? Also, can a stock FJ Cruiser make it thru this trip? haha... or any modifications advised?