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  1. Wildland Outdoors

    Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail

    Thinking of making an long weekend trip out of this. Does anyone have any experience or info?
  2. Wildland Outdoors

    Help Picking a Second Vehicle

    So we have been driving my moms car as a second vehicle since she had her stroke and is unable to drive it. My stepdad is asking to get the car back to transport his dog since he can't get the dog to jump into his explorer. So my question is what should we get as a second vehicle, again...
  3. Wildland Outdoors

    Kitchens- Lets See Em

    I wanted to start this thread as I am slowly working on my camp kitchen. Please post up pics and a description of your setup if you like to help others like me figure out which way and what gear to use.
  4. Wildland Outdoors

    Vehicle Tools (Merged thread)

    After reading @ShawnR's post about sockets I figured a good thread to start would be one on what tools at a minimum should someone carry in their rig. This would be a good place for newer people to come and get an idea on what to carry. Right now I carry: Screwdrivers Wire stripper/crimper...
  5. Wildland Outdoors


    So while talking rigs today I took a look at my rockers and it looks like they maybe starting to rust through. If this is the case I am thinking about cutting them out completely and welding some 2x6 rectangular steel in their place. Taking care of the rocker issue, strengthening the subframe...
  6. Wildland Outdoors

    Thoughts on this article-the 10 commandments of modifying an overland vehicle

    Found this article on Expedition Portal. Figured I would share it here and see what everyone's thoughts are. The 10 commandments of modifying an overland vehicle I agree with most of this. But find it hard to meet these "commandments". For instance I am currently planning my WJ build and no...
  7. Wildland Outdoors

    1999 WJ Grand Cherokee Adventure Rig

    Here is the base for my overland adventure rig. It is a 1999 WJ Grand Cherokee 4.0L with a NP242 transfer case and 245/75/16 Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor tires. It currently has a Wilderness Roof Rack with a pair of spot beam KC Daylighters on the front and a pair of cheap Walmart 55w fogs...