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  1. Darkside Overland

    US Southeast FOR SALE: 2017 Hiker Extreme Offroad Trailer 5x9

    SOLD! 2017 Hiker Extreme Offroad Trailer 5x9 Location: Cary, NC, USA (Cannot ship) Description: Offroad square drop trailer, with tons of accessories. Price: $19,000 All the details are here:
  2. Darkside Overland

    Darkside's Hiker Trailer 5x9 Offroad Build

    Finally picked up our 5x9 Offroad from Hiker at the Overland Expo east on October 1st. It was a demo at the show for Wes Henry, the owner of the Indiana arm of Hiker Trailers. Below is a photo from when we just picked it up to head home. This thread will track the build and some fun along the way.
  3. Darkside Overland

    FOR SALE Cary, NC 2001 Kawasaki KE100 $1000 Local pickup

    I purchased this bike about a year ago, but never get the chance to use it. The miles are real, as the woman I purchased it from had it sitting in a garage for 15 years. It is a 2-stroke engine and will require oil and gas. It does have the oil injector, but I use premix as it runs rich on oil...
  4. Darkside Overland


    Just wanted to put this out there, not to debate the pros/cons of being disconnected from the world, but accidents do happen. In the spirit of being prepared, what communications methods do you use when overlanding/camping? I use the following: Icom ID-5100a dual band ham radio (call sign...