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  1. Rynus311

    Wilson Cell Signal Mobile Amplifier Review

    I have used these in our work trucks for years. I have them in all of my personal vehicles as well. They work great!!
  2. Rynus311

    1999 Jeep XJ OverLand Build

    Looks great!!!! I just purchased my son a 98' XJ..... Cant wait to show him your pics!!
  3. Rynus311

    Not showing up on map?

    Im on the map!! Thank you Sir!!!!
  4. Rynus311

    WARN VR-Series Winches

    My VR-10 will be in soon!!! Pretty excited to see how it performs!
  5. Rynus311

    Not showing up on map?

    @Michael I'm showing up now!! Thank you Sir
  6. Rynus311

    Not showing up on map?

  7. Rynus311

    Not showing up on map?

    I do not see a drop down, just an area to type in the city. :confused:
  8. Rynus311

    Tire Deflators

    I love my Stauns.. I used a scooter tire to set them up. It made setup go by faster not having the volume of the 35" tire.
  9. Rynus311

    Tire suggestions?

    I run Goodyear MT/R's on the Jeep. They work surprisingly well and have been wearing great. On my heavier vehicles I have had great luck with the Goodyear Duratrac. This year I strayed from the 7 sets or so of Duratracs to try the Nitto Ridge Grappler. So far so good... Only 10k on them so far...
  10. Rynus311

    What boots do members wear

    I rock my Chacos sandals, Merrell moab mid ventilator and my Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 Gortex in winter.
  11. Rynus311

    Generator: Honda vs Predator

    This would be a deal if it does what it says! I have heard good things on the Generac iQ2000 as well. I cannot complain about my Hondas though.. I have the EU2000's and pair them up when needed.
  12. Rynus311

    Not showing up on map?

    I am not showing up on the map, I changed to a few cities around mine to see if it would show up but nothing.. I have changed it back to my current city and will await some help.
  13. Rynus311


    Grand Junction, Colorado Previous Rig: 1997 Land Rover Discovery 1 Current Rig: 2015 Jeep Rubicon JKU Overlanding for 3 yrs and Loving it!